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Currently there are several companies who have a patent or a patent pending either on a process or an extract of olive leaf. It's amazing that the one company that says that they alone discovered the mystery to the blood serum protein-binding problem and has patent protection for their proprietary extraction process also claims they concentrate right-reflecting calcium elenolate.

What's amazing about this statement is that their United States Patent #5,714,150 doesn't say that! It says, in its summary, "It is therefore an object of the invention to provide a method for extracting Oleuropein in a form which retains medicinal activity in vivo. It is a further object of the invention to provide Oleuropein in a form which undergoes hydrolysis in vivo to produce elenolic acid which retains its antiviral activity, and which does not bind to proteins in the blood." (See anything about calcium elenolate there?) "Applicants believe the resultant Oleuropein contain a high proportion of R (right-handed) Oleuropein as compared with L (left-handed) Oleuropein." This is absurd because, as discussed earlier, Oleuropein is only left-handed in nature.

*** You can't produce right-handed Oleuropein, it doesn't exist! ***

That truly would make their product different wouldn't it! (t)(u)(v)

Where is the original olive leaf extract?

Since extracts have been made for hundreds of years, no one really knows! We do know however, that in 1811 Dr. Pallas used his own liquid extract to stop malaria fever out breaks on the island of Mytelene. France has also produced powdered olive leaf extracts for more than 50 years. The current company labeling their product "The Original Olive Leaf Extract" pertains to the brand name only and not that they invented it. Others, sadly, are claiming to be the original and they are not! (w)(x)

Currently there is no extract in the retail market today that contains higher than 16% Oleuropein when teasted by the Merck Index HPLC test procedure.

Many companies claim very high percentages of Oleuropein however when tested by the Merck lndex's HPLC test guidelines none have shown to be higher than 16%. (y) (aa)

A balanced (synergistic) extract of flavanoids & phytochemicals works much better than an extract with high Oleuropein alone.(o)(q)

All extracts are not manufactured the same way!

Not everyone is privy to formulas that work really well. Consider Coca cola. Do you think there's someone out there that has their formula? Of course not, even though many have tried, like Pepsi etc. The same is true with the olive leaf extract. The formulation of extracts and their process can produce quiet different results. There are some olive leaf extracts on the market that work really well and others that do not. And unfortunately there are some that are worthless.(y) (See Exhibit 5)



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