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Noteworthy Facts About Olive Leaf Extracts

Oleuropein (pronounced O-lee-u-ro-peen), when extracted out of olive leaves, along with the other phytochemicals (a), works as a very wide spectrum natural antibiotic,(o)(q) but it does not work on all things for all people. There are a certain amount of people that this wonderful extract will not work on. How can you tell you are one of those people? You can't! You simply have to try it.

It would be a benefit to you to be able to call upon a company or person with a good amount of experience with Olive leaf Extracts so that you can determine the right protocol for you. Each condition can vary greatly in relation to your body weight & metabolism. Many times people believe it doesn't work for them simply because they aren't taking enough of the extract or are using a weak brand.

As good as olive leaf extracts are, they should not be taken along with antibiotics, additional amino acids or any other mold or fungus derivatives. It is not that they will do you harm, rather Olive leaf extract will see those things as invaders and kill them cancelling the positive effect of the extract, instead of working on what's important, healing you. This can be a frustrating experience. So, avoid taking them together.

To help avoid the die-off effect (Herxheimer reaction) drink plenty of water and if shortly after starting on olive leaf extract you experience cold or flu like symptoms, decrease the dosage you take by one capsule each time you take them until the symptoms go away, I would recommend not stopping it all together, as you will have to start your protocol all over.(k)

If you are concerned about the amount of Oleuropein yonr prodact really has or if it is a good extract, call the company on the bottle and ask for a certificate of analysis on the batch number located usually on the bottom of the container you've purchased.

Also ask for a copy of the method by which they determined their percentage from the HPLC (high- pressure liquid chromatography) test. If they can't supply you with it I'd be suspicious!

If after reading this article you should have any other questions, please feel free to call 1-760-728- 0747 and ask for Richard Hall, President of AMERIDEN International.

Richard L. Hall is an agriculturist & herbalist that has been involved with the process of olive leaf extract coming to market since its inception ln 1989. He harvested and provided the olive leaves to William R. Fredrickson, the original lay-chemist, who discovered and solved the problem of blood serum protein binding that The UpJohn Company had in the 70's. Mr. Hall's company provided and continued to provide all the olive leaf for commercial production of olive leaf extract in the United States up until 1998. Currently, 99% of all leaf used for production comes from outside the United States.



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