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'' The Future - Here Now!

The Los Angeles Times, August 24, 1995, front page story reveals the need for products such as EDEN(TM).

Germs Far More Resistant to Penicillin

"To counteract the rise in drug resistant microbes, researchers suggest... that doctors cut back on the indiscriminate use of antibiotics." L.A. Times 8-24-95

"Over the last decade, medical scientists have grown increasingly concerned about the emergence of antibiotic resistance as seemingly vanquished microbes have bound back, newly endowed with an ability to fend off the antibiotic drugs that were the glory of 20th century medicine." L.A. Times 8- 24-95

"In addition to pneumonia bugs... TB, gonorrhea, staph infections, certain intestinal diseases have also humbled medical scientists by proving that the victory over infectious diseases was not final" L.A. Times 8-24-95


Olive Leaf Extract is distributed in bottles containing 60-500 mg. capsules of extract.


While the recommended dosage is one (1) capsule every six (6) hours, dosage requirements may vary for efficacy and should be individualized.

Olive Leaf Extract in Action

One of Dr. Privitera's patients is a 17-year-old professional ice skater who says that one or two capsules a day helps sustain the high energy level she requires for practice and performance.

"In my clinic, as in many others, fatigue is the number one complaint," says Privitera. "I am not speaking of the serious chronic fatigue situation but just day-in and day-out tiredness, a result, I believe, of average nonexercising Americans eating their standard American diet of dead food. The average person, of course, is not going to change eating habits and is not going to go on a regular exercise program. Based on my experience, I suggest that Olive Leaf Extract offers something safe, effective and energizing for the malaise of the masses."

Dr. Privitera says he is continually surprised by some of the reported benefits from Olive Leaf Extract, such as improved psoriasis, normalization of arrhythmias (heart beat irregularities), and less pain from hemorrhoids, toothaches and chronically achy joints.

One woman with bad allergies reported significant improvement and a level of energy she hadn't felt



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