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for years.

One elderly male with severe arrhythmia reported that his condition had vastly improved in about eight days just from taking Olive Leaf Extract alone. A woman with mild arrhythmia said her condition improved substantially when she took Olive Leaf Extract and then slowly returned to its irregular state after she ran out of the product.

"Given what we know about the protective cardiovascular effects of proanthocyanadins and flavinoids, the phytochemical compounds found in grape seeds, onions, kale, green beans, broccoli and other vegetables, it will be interesting to see what benefits Olive Leaf Extract and its special array of phytochemicals prove to offer for heart and arterial health," says Dr. Privitera.

Another dramatic development involved a 15-year-old girl with juvenile diabetes. The teenager had been regularly taking 350 units of insulin daily to control her condition. After one month on the standard recommended dose of Olive Leaf Extract (one capsule every six hours or the equivalent of four a day), she was able to maintain similar control with just 220 units.

Years ago, researchers found that the natural olive leaf compounds from which Olive Leaf Extract is derived could lower blood sugar. Dr. Privitera hopes to study the supplement's effects on other diabetics to determine whether it might indeed reduce insulin requirements.

Biochemist Arnold Takemoto, who designs patient nutritional programs for physicians in Arizona, has found Olive Leaf Extract to be an effective addition to his arsenal of natural healing. He also says it has helped some patients rapidly rid themselves of stubborn viral infections they have had for years. As an example, he cites the case of a patient who had suffered from shingles (herpes zoster) for nine years. Within two days of starting Olive Leaf Extract and other supplements, the condition cleared up.

Patient Reports

Reports from patients dramatically reveal some of the many potential uses of Olive Leaf Extract. The accounts appearing here, however, are intended as information only and should not be construed by readers to mean that the supplement will be effective or provide relief in all such cases.

Chronic Fatigue

"Chronic fatigue patients are often helped by Olive Leaf Extract," says Dr. Privitera. "It is not a cure- all, but the results are substantive enough so that many individuals want to continue taking the supplement."

Many chronic fatigue patients suffer from an associated depression. Privitera reports a number of cases where patients went through the "die-off" period and came out highly energized and no longer depressed.

One female patient described to Dr Privitera what she called a "really quite unbelievable" recovery



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