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After one week on Olive Leaf Extract, the sore disappeared.

These type of clinical experiences are consistent with a private 1993 herpes study in humans using an earlier, weaker and ethanol (alcohol-based) form of Olive Leaf Extract. Of the six subjects involved, all reported symptomatic relief. Three said their lesions disappeared in 36 to 48 hours. The remaining three were placed on a stronger dose. One of them said that three days later most of the lesions were gone. The other two individuals were newly infected with the virus and were likely experiencing a much higher level of virus shedding. On the stronger dose, they reported also doing better. All six subjects said this procedure produced better results than Acyclovir, a medication they had previously used.


In reference to HIV, Positive Health News (m) reports that a man from Oakland, CA, who after taking Olive Leaf Extract 4 times a day for 3-1/2 months, without any other medications, lowered his HIV viral load 47%, his CD4 and CD8 count rose 24% and 27%, his WBC was increased 38% and his absolute Lymphocyte count rose 40%. I'd say Olive Leaf Extract made a difference!

Multiple Symptoms

One woman with chronic fatigue, colds, asthma and vaginal yeast infections had excellent results. Five weeks after starting Olive Leaf Extract, she returned to see Dr. Privitera. She told the physician that all her symptoms had virtually cleared up! The woman, a teacher, was able to take on new projects she couldn't consider before.

A male patient with multiple symptoms wrote as follows:

"I became ill in December 1993 and was diagnosed with a stomach and prostate infection. I was treated with high doses of antibiotics, but never fully recovered. I was troubled with multiple symptoms, some of which were back and neck pain, fatigue, flu-like symptoms, swollen glands, sinus and digestive problems. I was subsequently diagnosed with fibromyalgia (chronic fatigue syndrome) and the physicians recommended Prozac-type antidepressants and anti-inflammatory drugs. But I refused them.

"I began taking Olive Leaf Extract along with my regular vitamin and mineral supplements in August of 1995 at the rate of one capsule every six hours. I increased the dosage after five days and began feeling better. I tried different dosages for a number of days until I found the optimum amount for me. Today I take three capsules four times a day. My overall health has greatly improved and so has my energy and disposition.

"One very interesting thing has occurred. My fingernails were infected by whatever infection I had, leaving them wrinkled-looking. Now they are slowly returning to their normal shape."

"The product," says Dr. Privitera, "may be a true antiviral, inasmuch as it selectively blocks an entire virus-specific system in the infected host. It appears, moreover, to offer us healing effects that are



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