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not covered by pharmaceutical antibiotics. We believe that many people who lead stressful lives or who may be particularly susceptible to colds and viruses may benefit from long term use of Olive Leaf Extract as a preventive agent."

Rheumatoid Arthritis

A male patient wrote the following letter: "Five years ago, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. After taking all the medicines I could stand with no real results, I was informed about some nutritional supplements. One of them was Olive Leaf Extract. After taking it for three weeks, I noticed more flexibility in my fingers, elbows and neck. There was marked relief of muscle tension surrounding joints. Overall, I am enjoying Olive Leaf Extract with my daily routine."

A number of other patients have reported significant relief of joint pain. It is unclear at this time what healing mechanism is being triggered by the olive leaf compound.

Fungus and Yeast Infections

Improvement of fungal infections has been reported by a number of patients. A woman with an infection of the large toenail reported that within two months after starting Olive Leaf Extract, the condition was about three-quarters healed. She had the infection for more than five years previous and no medication or natural agent had helped. Dr. Privitera himself reported a toenail fungal infection he had cleared up as a result of his using Olive Leaf Extract.

More than 10 million Americans are estimated to have disfiguring fungal nail infections, a widely under-recognized medical problem. It is common among athletes, elderly individuals, people who stand a lot or wear the same shoes every day, who wear artificial fingernails and patients with AIDS, cancer and diabetes. Drugs taken for cancer and AIDS lower resistance and are believed to make people more susceptible to infection.

Recently, a new drug was approved - the first in 35 years - for the condition. The drug is called Sporanox and is said to be more effective than older antiffngal medications.

According to an article by Patricia Anstett of the Knight-Ridder Newspapers, two 100 milligram pills are taken daily for about three months at a cost of $900. Older drugs, taken for twelve months or more, cost double or more that amount over the longer duration. Even with the new drug, the condition can return once the medication is discontinued.

Results to date suggest that Olive Leaf Extract offers a natural and much less expensive avenue of self-treatment.

One male patient reported amazing results for a fungus infection of the tongue he had for 30 years. "All kinds of diets, treatments and regimes were tried but to no avail," he reported. "Within three weeks on EDEN(TM), the fungus disappeared."



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