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    The list and sequence of elective papers will be finalized during Module II.

Course outlines:

14 core papers and 4 elective papers (in different functional areas) will be offered in this program.

Core papers:

Macro and Micro Economics

Course objectives:

To Present those aspects of economic theory that are most relevant to the participants of business administration and demonstrate the interrelationships between production, marketing and financial decision; Learn the use of quantitative analysis in developing and analyzing the relevant data for the decision making process in the field of business management, Develops familiarity with economic performance measures, economic growth, and international economics.

Major areas to be covered:

  • Demand Analysis and Elasticity of Demand

  • Utility Analysis

  • Production Analysis

  • Cost Analysis

  • Market Structure and Pricing techniques

  • National Income Accounting

  • Consumption function and Investment function

  • Inflation and Monetary policy and Fiscal Policy

  • Open Economy Macro Economics

  • India and WTO

Financial and Management accounting

Course objectives-

To introduce participants to basic rules, concepts and conventions behind financial statements, to introduce management accounting with the key concepts in managerial decision making in terms of cost benefit analysis, cash flows, budgeting etc. , to focus on how managers can use accounting information in making decisions and how accounting information can be used to control the actions of the firm.

Major areas to be covered:

  • Measuring business income and preparation of financial statements

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