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  • high risk of fire (hot surfaces, engine test-

i n g , g e n e r a t o r s , t r a n s f o r m e r s ) h i g h l y f l a m m a b l e m a t e r i a l s ( c o t t o n , f l a m m a b l e f l u i d s ) p o o r l y a c c e s s i b l e a r e a s ( c a b l e w a l l d u c t s , distributor rooms, underfloor cavities for cables)

Unmistakable detection as the basis … Siemens offers comprehensive fire prevention solutions. The cutting-edge technology from Siemens, embodied by intelligent fire sensors that rapidly detect and localize the source of a fire, underline Siemens' market leadership. Re- liable fire detection not only lets you intervene promptly, but enables you to tailor the inter- vention most effectively.

  • for successful fire extinguishing

The fast fire extinguishing systems from Siemens perfectly complement their early de- tection devices. In many cases, an automatic fire extinguishing system is the intervention of choice, enabling you to extinguish a fire rapid- ly in the earliest phases.

S i n o r i x : f o r f a s t r e s u l t s Each type of fire extinguishing system has properties that are particularly effective in specific situations. However, in other circum- stances, these properties may be counter- productive.

Thus, Siemens offers not only one universal solution but six different types of fire extin- guishing systems. With Siemens, you can be sure of having the best fire extinguishing sys- tem, tailored to your particular needs.


S i n o r i x a t a g l a n c e

S i n o r i x C e r e x e Extinguishing agents: nitrogen, argon or carbon dioxide. n

S i n o r i x C D T Extinguishing agents: nitrogen or argon at a con- stant discharge pressure.

S i n o r i x 2 2 7 High and low pressure tech- nology combined with the world’s most widely spread chemical extinguishing agent.

S i n o r i x 1 2 3 0 High pressure technology combined with a state-of- the-art chemical extinguish- ing agent.

S i n o r i x G a s S p r a y Extinguishing agents: fine water mist and nitrogen.

S i n o r i x C e r S p r a y Extinguishing agent: water vapor spray.

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