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The water wash would not be considered control equipment. The water wash would be considered exhaust equipment, which is required on the coating/printing operations EAC.

5.Can a facility assume that the DRE (Destruction Rate Efficiency) for VOC is the same as the DRE for OC?

It is a reasonable assumption that the DRE for VOC would be the same for OC.

6. It is unclear how Ohio EPA is defining "booth". If a coating operation is permitted as one emission unit, but has several booth sections with separate exhausts separated by flash zones or silhouettes, is it considered one booth or is each individual section considered a booth?

Each enclosure should be listed separately on the Coating/Printing Operations EAC form. If coating application stations are separated physically or have different air systems, they would be considered separate booths. Flash areas would only be listed separately if they are in a separate enclosed area.

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    EAC - Coating/Printing Operations - Must a facility list each and every coating being used or is it

sufficient to list coatings by type and list a generic coating?

The applicant should list one of each "type" of coating, such as primer, topcoat, etc. It may be necessary to subdivide these further if the coatings vary greatly in their solvent characteristics

9. EAC - Coating/Printing Operations - Coating data such as % solids, density, etc., will vary. STARShip will not accept ranges for this data. How should this data be entered into STARShip?

In general, the worst case for each "type" of coating should be given for coating/ink data required by item #9. Information requested in item #10 need only be submitted for HAP components for emissions units not subject to OAC rule 3745-21-07 (G). For emissions units subject to OAC rule 3745-21-07 (G), item #10 must be completed for all solvents. The information entered into item #10 should be a worst case scenario.

10.What if your gasoline dispensing is exempt from Stage II requirements because it is not required by regulation or you are in an attainment area?

If you are not required to have Stage II controls, then the information requested for exemption application should be left blank.

12. EAC - Gasoline Dispensing - Stage II - What is entered into the CARB number field if your fill operations do not have a CARB number? Question 5a is a radio button. Which option should be chosen if Stage II is not applicable?

N/A or Not Applicable should be entered into the field for CARB numbers if the fill operations do not have a CARB number. "Other" should be chosen for question 5a and "None" should be entered in the description field.

13. EAC - Gasoline Dispensing - Stage II - What is the difference between nozzles and dispensors?

The dispensor is the pump itself and the nozzles are attached to the pump and actually dispense the gasoline/fuel into the vehicle.

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