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31. Is there a way to group permits that have only one emission limit? For example, the final paint repair system consists of six booths. Each booth has an individual permit, but the emission limits and reports are combined into one unit as a group. To split the emissions between the individual booths is not an acceptable solution, this involves conjecture on the part of the facility, and may not be a true representation of what is occurring.

The company will have to make the best estimates as possible. The applicant may indicate in the Comment Field for that emission unit that these emission units are vented to a common stack and that the reported individual emissions are only estimates based on allocation of the emissions among several emission units.

32.How should control systems be handled when they are secondary? For example, if the primary control is multiclone and a small portion (about 10% of the particulate) is exhausted to a baghouse and then routed back to the main exhaust stack. Similarly, there are partial spray booth VOC controls-some stacks are not controlled and others are exhausted to a particulate control (wet ESP/sacrificial carbon) and then to an incinerator. How should this be handled?

The facility will have to choose what is closest to primary control and what is the closest to secondary control. The process flow diagram will have to be sufficient to clarify the actual situation.

33. Title VI requirements apply to almost all facilities, how should this be handled? Picklist does not allow selection of title VI or pollutants.

Title VI pollutants were added to the picklist.

34. Has there been a schedule set for industry training?

Online help within Air Services covers all fields in the software. In addition, help on the DAPC web pages and the Agency "Answer Place" provide contextual assistance. Ohio EPA also has the ability to provide web meeting-based assistance.

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    For a very large facility, how are the location coordinates determined?

You should determine the coordinates at a point near or at the center of your facility.

38.Will the HELP section include instructions that the applicant is not to use a Post Office Box address as the facility address?

It is clear in the help that the facility address not a PO box is needed in this field.

39. For State facility profile control equipment: for control equipment in series should the applicant enter data for each piece of control equipment (ie... same flow rates, etc...)?


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