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Johannes’s Estate Johannes Weyerbacher, Catharine Elizabeth’s father, died intestate in 1790.

On October 26, 1790, a document was executed binding Catharine Weirback and Adam Heaney as administrators of his estate, in payment of 350 pounds to John Simpson, Register for the Probate of Wills for Northumberland County. This document charged them with making an accounting of Johannes’s estate within one year. Catherine was apparently illiterate as she made a mark on the document. Adam’s signature spells his last name as “Henney.” Adam was the husband of Anna, sister of Catharine Elizabeth.

In a document believed to be dated October 25, 1791, the estate of John Wirebacher was valued at 106 pounds, 15 shillings, 4 pence. In a later undated document, payments made by the estate are listed, indicating an overpayment of 61 pounds, 7 pence, in favor of the estate. Throughout the various documents Johannes is “John” although the spelling of his last name varies.

On July 1, 1802, son Nicholas petitioned the Orphans Court to “award an inquest” to value the 336 acre tract of land and award distribution to John’s heirs. The petition lists widow Catherine; children: Nicholas (as petitioner), John, Elizabeth intermarried with (blank space), Magdalena intermarried with Henry Hederick, Mary intermarried with Phillip Deal, Margaret intermarried with Frederick Wies, Catherine who is within age; and three grandchildren, Catherine, Peter, and Adam, of his daughter Anna, deceased, who intermarried with Adam Hennig.

On April 25, 1803, the Orphans Court at Sunbury, awarded the estate of John Weirbach as follows: one-third to widow Catherine for her life; the remaining two-thirds to be divided into eight equal parts, one to each child, with the part for daughter Anna, deceased, to be divided into three equal parts for each of her children. The spouse of each daughter is noted, with the intermarriage of Elizabeth again being blank.

On May 20, 1803, the result of an inquisition taken at the house of John Weirbach, deceased, agreed that the lands could not be parted and valued them at 1513 pounds and 11 pence.

In a subsequent undated petition, Nicholas, his brother John, Phillip Deal, and Frederick Weis, refer to an April 25, 1803 Jury of Inquest, and the determination that the estate could not be parted “without spoiling the whole.” That jury valued the property at 1513 pounds and 11 pence. The petitioners ask to provide security to divide the value of the estate.

In 1804, Catharina (Best), wife of John, died of cancer in West Buffalo, Northumberland County.

A release and power of attorney from daughter (Catharine) Elizabeth dated November 12, 1808 at Upper Canada was recorded at Sunbury, the county seat for Northumberland County. In it, she is noted as Elizabeth Leef of Barton Township, Province of Upper Canada. Today, what was Barton Township is part of Hamilton, Ontario.

A reference to this Power of Attorney is found in an undated release in which the estate is valued at $4811. All of the siblings of Elizabeth and their spouses are listed with the exception of Anna who died in 1794. Anna’s


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