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  • e Announcer at the Embarcadero

  • e San Diego Bay Parade of Lights anouncer

works both parades. Her booth is set up on the sidewalk just north of the Maratime Mesuem’s Berkeley. She an- nounces the name and skipper of each boat as it passes. She also reads the information that the participants have placed on the entry form under “Other interesting facts about the boat and/or participant”

Tina Plumb, the Announcer at the Embarcadero has been involved with the parade for three years. e

  • rst year she jokingly announced the boats aboard the

committee boat and was asked by the board members to do it for real the next year. 2009 brought a very high energy crowd around the embarcadero. Plumb’s station is set up along the sea wall to the right of the Berkely. It is somewhat of an information booth before the parade starts, but she doesn’t mind. She enjoys the boats par- ticipating with the crowd and getting the cheers going.

  • e crowd especially enjoys those boats that say

Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas to them and yell and wave. She suggests lling out the application to its fullest to allow enough information to be read as you pass by. e interesting facts area can be used for writ- ing anything you want. Some examples may include, “e family and friends aboard would like to wish you all a safe and prosperous new year” or even just a little blurb about the boat’s history like, “is vessel has been in the family for 30 years and aboard the ship tonight is 4 generations of sailors.”

Plumb explains, “I can’t stress enough the impor- tance of the interesting facts area to the parade partici- pants. Not only does the crowd love it, but it gives me enough verbiage to announce as they are driving by. Keep it short though, 1-3 sentences are all I need.” She says that the boats that highlight some of the amazing features of the lights, or even just the boat itself, always pleases the crowd. Aer you’ve been announced please feel free to entertain the crowd with your music, cheers, and good graces, but know that the judges station is just beyond the announcer, so don’t stop until you’ve passed the Berkely.

  • is Year’s eme

Larry Bauman, president of the San Diego Bay Pa- rade of Lights, announced the Parade eme for the 2010 as “ e Sound of Christams.”

Board Members

  • e board members, and committee members

elected for this years parade are:

Parade President Larry Baumann Bali Hai

Board Members

Ron Sheehan R. R. Donnelley

Joni Geis Dimen Marine Financial Group

Dan Schaefer Casa de Oro Travel

Capt. Fayette Severence SeaTow

Jim Davis Maritime Museum

Ralph Longfellow Coronado YC

Committee Members

Gregg Hansen SDAYC

Marylee Goyan SDYC • Coronado YC

Tiany Palmer Judges

Tina Plumb Announcer Cordinator

Judy Longfellow Recorder

Tina Plumb

We all look forward to putting on this years parade and want to thank all of our members, sponsors and es- pecially the participants for the success of parades past.


D i e g o

B a y

P a r a d e o f L i g h t s

a g e


M a y


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