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Basis of Accounting, Measurement Focus, and Basis of Presentation

The General Fund is the main operating fund of the City. This fund is used to account for all financial resources not accounted for in other funds. All general tax revenues and other receipts that are not restricted by law or other contractual agreement to some other fund are accounted for in this fund. General operating expenditures, fixed charges and capital improvement costs that are not paid through other funds are paid from the General Fund.

The Special Revenue Funds are used to account for the proceeds of specific revenue resources that are legally restricted to expenditures for specified purposes.

The Debt Service Fund is used to account for the accumulation of financial resources for the payment of principal, interest and related costs on general long-term debt paid primarily from taxes levied by the City. The fund balance of the Debt Service Fund is reserved to signify the amounts that are restricted exclusively for debt service expenditures.

The Capital Projects Funds are used to account for the acquisition or construction of capital facilities (other than those financed by proprietary funds) being financed from general obligation bond proceeds, grants, or transfers from other funds.

  • Proprietary Fund Types:

Proprietary funds are accounted for on a flow of economic resources measurement focus. Proprietary funds distinguish between operating and non-operating revenues and expenses, and the principal revenues are derived from charges to customers for sales and services. The City uses the following types of proprietary funds:

The Enterprise Funds are used for activities which are financed and operated in a manner similar to private business enterprise where the intent of the governing body is that the costs (expenses, including depreciation) of providing goods or services to the general public on a continuing basis be financed or recovered primarily through user charges, or where the governing body has decided that periodic determination of revenues earned, expenses incurred, or net income is appropriate for capital maintenance, public policy, management control, accountability, or other purposes.

The Internal Service Funds are used to account for the financing of goods or services provided by one City department to other departments of the City on a cost-reimbursement basis.

  • Fiduciary Fund types:

Fiduciary Fund types are used to account for assets held by the City in a trustee capacity or as an agent for individuals, private organizations, other governments and/or other funds. Expendable Trust Funds are accounted for in essentially the same manner as Governmental Funds, using a modified accrual basis of accounting. Agency funds are custodial in nature and do not involve measurement of results of operations.

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