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Jan-01 Feb-01 Mar-01 Apr-01 May-01 Jun-01 Jul-01 Aug-01 Sep-01 Oct-01 Nov-01 Dec-01 Jan-02 Feb-02 Mar-02 Apr-02 May-02 Jun-02 Jul-02 Aug-02 Sep-02 Oct-02 Nov-02 Dec-02 Jan-03 Feb-03 Mar-03 Apr-03 May-03 Jun-03 Jul-03 Aug-03 Sep-03 Oct-03 Nov-03 Dec-03

Vicky Hamilton John Casella/Bill Kelly Wil Milan Chris Schur AJ Crayon John Spencer Dan McKenna Laura Wodney Tom Polakis Paul Scowen Steve Coe AJ Crayon Maggie Turnbull Sally Oey Ted Dunham Brian Skiff Peter Wehinger None Bob Millis Members Ted Dunham Dave Healy AJ Crayon AJ Crayon David Burstein Doug Snyder Paul Scowen Joe Bergeron Rich Jakiel Members Chris Schur Herve Dole Adam Block Tom Polakis Brent Archinal David Fredericksen


ASU Amateur SAC SAC SAC Lowell Observatory Steward Observatory Lowell Observatory SAC ASU SAC SAC UofA Lowell Observatory Lowell Observatory Lowell Observatory Steward Observatory

Lowell Observatory SAC Lowell Observatory Amateur SAC SAC ASU Amateur ASU Amateur Amateur SAC SAC ? KPNO SAC USGS-Flagstaff SAC

Mars Global Surveyor ATM projects VLBI astronomy project Color CCD astrophotography Astronomical drawings Jupiter's moons Seeing and turbulence Comets Southern sky observing Molecular clouds All about filters Christmas party SETI Galaxy formation SOFIA airborne observatory Narrative over Chris Schur's images Steward Observatory Swap meet Kuiper Belt Show and tell Search for habitable planets Astrophotography bloopers Astronomical drawings Christmas party Q&A session Planetary nebulae Wolf-Rayet stars Space art Challenging deep-sky objects Show and tell Happy Jack Observatory Cosmological surveys Advanced observers program Planetarium software Mars lander missions Christmas party

Phoenix Sierra Vista Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Flagstaff Tucson Flagstaff Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Tucson Flagstaff Flagstaff Flagstaff Phoenix Phoenix Flagstaff Phoenix Flagstaff Sierra Vista Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Sierra Vista Phoenix California Atlanta Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Tucson Phoenix Flagstaff Phoenix

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