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REVIEW AND UPDATE your initiative

To sustain your programme or initiative over a longer- term period after its launch, the repetition of steps 5 – 2 will be important. Measuring, analysing and communicating the achievements and outcomes of your programme – using the KPIs established in step 6 – will be particularly vital in documenting the return on investment in your programme and ensuring that your management and stakeholders continue to recognise its value.

To keep the programme fresh and relevant, update its contents in light of feedback from employees and the changing needs and risks of the workforce. Repeat the needs analysis on an annual basis, measure the outcome of your interventions and adjust these accordingly.

Boots working with ARAMARK proves that by engaging your caterer in planning discussions, you can ensure successful delivery of a healthy eating initiative in your workplace

To gain feedback on their HWB programme, one Steering Group company offered incentives to staff to complete evaluation forms. As part of the focus of continued learning and improvement, employees were encouraged to complete a post evaluation form which could also be entered into a prize winning competition (£00 activity voucher). Employees also shared their plans to make changes to keep healthy or improve their health based on their screening results, their own rating of their health status and the greatest health issues they felt they were likely to face in the next

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Lessons learned by Steering Group companies

Leadership behaviour influences staff “Adopting a healthy lifestyle is a personal option, but there is no doubt that the behaviour of senior managers will strongly influence the behaviour of his or her employees. And the key here is visible behaviou . What a manager says or writes has limited effect, but what he or she actually demonstrates through his or her behaviour is extremely powerful.”

Dialogue promotes understanding of benefits of eating well Companies found that rather than lecturing staff on the benefits of healthy eating, each employee needs


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