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At Boots, creating a healthy dining environm

to discover for themselves the personal benefits of eating well, which include “anything from having greater energy and enjoying life more as a result, to helping reduce the risk of health issues via diet management, adapting your diet to your personal circumstances.” Interactive workshops which featured simple solutions – such as free fruit, unlimited free access to water, vouchers to encourage eating healthily at home and at work

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    were most effective in achieving

this goal.

Engage your contract caterer It’s important to work through your healthy eating initiative with your catering provider (if you have one) and understand the potential business impacts that change might have. Working closely together, you should be able to develop a programme that meets all needs. Regular reviews and flexibility to change will create a true partnership to success.

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Measurement motivates healthy behaviour “Data drives change. Producing data on health and wellbeing was new to most of the participants in the programme, and they found it not merely of interest but actively motivating to continue maintaining a healthy lifestyle.”

Business alignment ensures programme sustainability “Health and wellbeing programmes run purely as health initiatives, are always liable to have short lives, even when approved by the most committed and humanitarian of managers. The key to their sustainability is to ensure that they are aligned with genuine business initiative.”

Taste remains paramount “Any healthy eating programmes mustn’t compromise taste, choice or quality. Don’t become the food police.”

Change gradually “Don’t try and do everything all at once. Gradual change, together with positive reinforcement in terms of communication and education materials, is far more effective.”


l benefits of eating well

Incentivise healthy choices “Think about special offers and promotions as an effective, but positive tool for changing behaviours. People can’t resist a good deal, so promotions such as ‘free piece of fruit with every wholemeal sandwich’ is a great way to tempt people to move away from the white sliced loaf.”

Keep it fresh “Often it’s about trying something new: a nutritionist with a ‘tasting table’ in the canteen offering free samples of new, interesting or unusual foods can work really well.”

Think beyond the canteen. Think about what people eat outside of the staff canteen (or for sites that don’t have a canteen) e.g. advice / suggestions on healthy lunch box ideas, suggestions for healthy family meals, ideas on healthy snack choices – all can be communicated cheaply / easily via leaflet / email /company newsletter etc.

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