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What’s on the menu for your company?

Salman Amin President, PepsiCo UK, Chairman, Food and Drink Federation Health and Wellbeing Steering Group

Food and Drink Federation (FDF) have helped develop this Healthy Eating Toolkit in response to the growing concerns of employers who wish to promote healthy eating among their employees as part of an integrated health and wellbeing programme.

This practical guide incorporates the thought leadership, and examples of best practice, from members of the FDF chaired Healthy Eating Steering Group as well as Business in the Community and the Food and Drink Federation.

The Toolkit complements, and is intended to be used in conjunction with, the Towers Perrin Healthy Workplace Action Pack, available through Business in the Community’s Business Action on Health campaign to

help companies start developing their own health and wellbeing programmes. It also complements other resources promoting physical activity to achieve energy balance as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Different roads to healthier eating

In developing health and wellbeing activities, every company, regardless of size, begins at a different point. The members of the Steering Group, each of whose companies have embarked on this journey themselves, recognise that the nature of the business, its challenges and resources and, above all, the needs of the workforce, are unique to every organisation. You will see from our case study examples that companies tailor their interventions to promote healthy eating in ways which suit their individual businesses.

No one can achieve perfection straight away. Therefore, rather than being prescriptive or setting absolute standards for healthy eating, this Toolkit encourages you to start from where you are in your own company, assessing your position and resources, and establishing manageable interventions which can achieve measurable positive change in the eating habits of your workforce.

At PepsiCo we believe our people hold the key to our success. We’re committed to an environment that helps our associates achieve a better quality of life. We have a range of initiatives in place to help achieve this goal, including healthy options in our canteens, health programmes for our staff, ‘health MOTs’, flexible and home working and access to exercise schemes.

The food industry wants to be an exemplar in this area. FDF’s members are proud of the positive actions that have already been taken to promote workplace wellbeing – as you will see from the case studies in this toolkit.

Commit to act now

We invite you to join us by establishing a healthy eating initiative to promote the health and wellbeing of your own workforce, using this Toolkit as a practical guide. In support of the Business Action on Health call on all businesses to report on health and wellbeing as a boardroom issue by 20, we also ask you to report on the health and wellbeing performance of your own company to your own stakeholders within your business and in the wider community.

Salman Amin, President, PepsiCo UK, Chairman, Food and Drink Federation Health and Wellbeing Steering Group


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