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Social embedding as a solution to a control problem? Evidence from Vietnamese small business* - page 19 / 52





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but 34 of the 481 qualifying businesses contacted completed interviews for a 93 percent

response rate.

We randomly chose one district from a complete list in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

for further sampling. (We also randomly chose a district in each city as a reserve in case the

administrative procedures, detailed below, were not successfully completed.) In Ha Tay and

Can Tho provinces the capital towns was selected. Three wards (two to be held as reserves)

were chosen from the wards in each of the urban districts. Three villages in each province

were similarly chosen randomly from a list. In each ward or village, the interviewers walked

a prescribed path (usually the main business street) interviewing each qualifying business

while holding to a prescribed quota of male and female owners. If there was an insufficient

number of businesses found along the path in the ward or village, they continued along the

prescribed path into the adjoining ward or village.

We requested a letter of introduction from the local authorities in each ward and

village. In one case in Ho Chi Minh City, we could receive permission to interview only for

a time period that was far later than our planned period of data collection. In that case, we

interviewed in one of our reserve wards.

Forty-five senior sociology students at Vietnam National University, Hanoi and Ton

Duc Thang University of Technology, Ho Chi Minh City worked in four teams to complete

the interviews. All interviewers successfully completed at least three full days of classroom

and practice training prior to the start of data collection. Additional training was given after

the first day of interviewing to address difficulties. Nguyen Quy Thanh was the main

instructor for all teams of interviewers. Le Ngoc Hung and Pham Van Quyet assisted. The

data collection began in the North before proceeding to Ho Chi Minh City and Can Tho.

The initial interviews were performed in pairs. After each member of a pair


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