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233 Times Stronger Than the Human Eye

Human eyes have 3 color receptors: red, blue and green

spectrum, means the Visualant system is more robust and accurate when compared to the competition which use black and white readings. In addition to its accuracy, it is faster, easier, and less costly to use.

Spectral Pattern Matching (“SPM”)

Shrimp have 17 color receptors


Can be manufactured very cost-effectively in volume

Can be highly miniaturized

Bumblebees have 32 color receptors: enabling it to see exactly where the nectar is “hiding” in a plant

Authentication database is easy to build and manage (simply scan authentic item for comparison)


· Imagine being able to search a pattern database of passport photos of every US citizen within seconds to confirm their identity or to confirm whether or not the driver’s license being presented to a law enforcement agent is authentic or a fake. Now add that capability to multiple other forms of identity such as government- issued identification documents, state identification cards, military identification, birth certificates, National ID Cards; virtually anything that includes a photograph and/or physical description of the holder.


Imagine a technology capable of identifying counterfeit currency without adding new layers of ink, watermarks, holograms, or other methods of security that sophisticated criminals always seem to beat.


Imagine a barcode you cannot see which contains far more information than current

Visualant’s technology uses more than 700+ color receptors. This makes the detection of an objects unique/DNA like digital signature possible—and makes thousands of applications possible.

The Visualant Solution

In its essence, Visualant’s patent-pending technology provides spectrum-based pattern file creation and matching. Patterns of a light spectrum signature, from near ultraviolet through the visible spectrum and into the near infrared, are collected from proprietary sensing devices. These pattern files can be created from any material or object. Such pattern files are then matched against baseline pattern files in the Visualant database. Thus, the Visualant technology can serve as a discrete or redundant system:

Reading full spectrum color patterns, as well as signatures just outside the visible color

  • Can be easily designed into systems or integrated into other products

    • -

      Visualant products

    • -

      OEM products


An authenticator to guard against and detect identity crime, forgery, counterfeiting, and other frauds


A diagnostic device with application in medical, agricultural and environmental diagnostics


A reliable information source



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