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Advantages of SPM System

Inexpensive—LEDs are a mass-produced commodity items and thus are very inexpensive enabling Visualant to produce the device at a fraction of the cost of competing technologies.

Conversely, customers are used to purchasing spectrophotometers and associated software for tens of thousands of dollars This advantage alone allows Visualant to put an inexpensive spectral analysis tool in the hands of every enforcement agent or officer whether it be for counterfeiting or drug related enforcement issues. In one test Visualant had ten test tubes full of white powders which all appeared the same to the human eye. The sensor could easily pick out which one was which and identify it. The device and software package are also ideally suited for comparing branded or real pharmaceuticals vs. counterfeit pharmaceuticals.

Small and lightweight—Current sensors are the diameter of a dime. Because of its size a complete USB portable device containing 8 GB of memory, a CPU, and LCD screen could all incorporated and manufactured in a unit about the size of a Bic lighter. VSUL is currently looking for working partners in this area.

High speed—The pictured sensor scans approximately ten objects per second, and the sensor now being developed is capable of scanning thousands of objects per second.

The company has six patents pending in the United States and one patent pending in Japan


The Business Model

The company is in the business of researching, developing, acquiring, and commercializing products and services related to illumination and detection of electromagnetic energy, typically in the visible and near-visible portions of the electromagnetic spectrum, using specialized illumination and sensing systems and spatial analysis software modeling which allow for pattern recognition. This SPM technology is specialized and proprietary.

Key Market Priorities

  • Commercialize the Visualant product line and

close sales in the United States and Japan.

  • Implement synergies between TransTech

acquisition and the company.

  • Develop license- and royalty-producing

opportunities for the SPM technology.

  • Improve profitability of the company by

increasing sales and managing expenses.

  • Acquire growth businesses at discounted prices

in target sectors and markets in conjunction with business partners. Visualant expects to focus on growth opportunities with distressed businesses that require improvements in management, financial processes, and liquidity to be successful.

  • Leverage the company’s presence in Asia

utilizing their Japanese directors.

  • Enhance our investor relations services.

  • Expand the existing relationship with RATLab

and Novabeam and their development of medical, agricultural, and environmental applications.


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