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How to establish a National Codification Bureau (NCB)

Principles and framework of the Sponsorship program. This brochure also contains the standardization agreements (STANAGS) that must be adopted by a country seeking sponsorship.

BASELOG – Basic Tools for NATO Codification

Principles and framework of the BASELOG program that provides assistance to countries when developing their codification capabilities.

BASELOG Catalogue:

This brochure describes some of the services and tools available from NATO countries to assist new NCS countries.

NATO Mailbox System (NMBS):

A high level introduction to the NATO Mailbox System

NATO Automated Business System (NABS):

A high level introduction to NABS, a system being used to manage agendas and documents for the AC/135 meetings.

NATO Ammunition Database (NADB)

A high level introduction to the NATO Ammunition database.

All these brochures can be requested from NAMSA at the address mentioned above and most of them are available at the AC/135 Web site

The US has an extensive set of publications and user guides, which can be found on the website mentioned above.

J. Potential time frame for developing a National Codification Bureau.

This was the time frame recorded by New Zealand when they implemented their National Codification Bureau and NCS.


1.Briefing paper to Senior Command on the merits of introducing a Standardised Materiel Management Language for use by the Armed Forces.

2.Senior Command's endorsement of the concept.

3.Establish a Working Party to determine and document current Armed Forces Item Identification practices.

4.Summarise results to Senior Command with a forecast of anticipated cost benefits of introducing a single system of Materiel Management for the Armed Forces and requesting approval to proceed.


1.Approval to proceed from Senior Command.

2.Exploratory visit to a country which operates the NATO Codification System.

3.NCS adoption proposal to Senior Command.

Proposal to include:

a.Personal requirement for a National Bureau

b.Computer Hardware

c.Information Systems

d.Supporting Documentation Costs

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