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How to establish a National Codification Bureau (NCB)

and G for references.

Evaluate NCS and other nation’s CD-ROM and on-line codification products currently available for their usefulness.

At this point establish internet access for your team, if they don’t have it already.  A lot of information is already available there, and in the future a great deal related to codification will depend on it.  The NATO Codification Web site provides a good overview of the NCS.  That Web site also provides addresses, telephone numbers, and FAX numbers for each of the NATO NCBs.

The core team must study the various concepts for establishing an NCB, what coverage it should have and whether is should be centralized or decentralized. An introduction to these concepts can be found in part H.

At the end of this phase the core team must produce a proposal to the senior command that must include:


Personnel Requirements for a National Bureau


Computer Hardware


Information Systems


Supporting Documentation Costs




Implementation Timeframe



B. Determine How to Apply the NATO Codification System Nationally

Step 1: Conduct a detailed analysis of current national codification methods, and the interfaces and uses of codification data in logistics life-cycle applications.

Establish a working group to determine and document current armed forces item identification practices.

Determine the following:

The degree of application of existing NATO Stock Numbers (NSN) to items of supply used by the country.

The nature of possible NCS use in logistics applications, including requisitioning, technical manuals, warehouse markings, and so forth.

The transition process necessary to effectively implement the NCS throughout national logistics processes.

Carry out a macro cost benefit analysis in consultation with the national military departments. Evaluate if the costs of becoming part of the NATO Codification System (NCS) will deliver commensurate benefits.

Step 2: Develop recommendations for national implementation. Propose these to decision makers and get approval to proceed to detailed implementation.

Determine parameters for NCS implementation and stock number assignment.  For example: will all repetitively ordered, stocked, stored and issued materials be assigned National Stock Numbers? Will certain weapon systems scheduled to be discontinued from inventory be exempt from codification? Will base-level local purchase consumable items, not related to a weapon system, be exempt?

Define data elements required for material management and control within the logistics operations.  For example: information on how and from where to requisition the item, information on special handling or safety requirements, information on special disposal or security requirements.

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