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How to establish a National Codification Bureau (NCB)

Make final recommendations on codification concept and coverage

Establish procedures for codification of new weapon systems and their parts. Establish procedures and priorities for codification and transition of existing materials.

Define how the NCS and other data will be used and distributed, in catalogs, in repair parts manuals, on CD-ROM or other media.

Formally present a costed proposal to senior command and get final approval to proceed. Including

Agreement to adopt the NATO Codification System (NCS)

Agreement to establish a National Codification Bureau (NCB)

Approval to proceed to implement.

C. Implementation of the NATO Codification System (NCS)

Step 1: Establish legal and regulatory authority and assign responsibilities.

Appoint NCB Management Team and provide accommodation.

Establish the legal and regulatory structure necessary to mandate use of the NCS within national forces. National legislation may be necessary to make compulsory use of codification by national forces.  If an NCS based system is only used partly by national forces, the benefits that can be derived from the system may never be realized.  

For non-NATO countries, consider applying for sponsorship in the NCS.

Sponsored countries need to and new NATO countries will be required to implement the Standard NATO Agreements (STANAGs) that are applicable to codification.  The names of these STANAGs are listed below.  The complete text of the STANAGs can be found in the AC/135 brochure on Sponsorship

3150: Universal System of Supply Classification

3151: Universal System of Item Identification

4177: Uniform System of Data Acquisition

4438: Uniform System of Dissemination of Data

Establish bilateral agreements with other NCS countries as necessary for exchange of data and acquisition of documentation and support.

Step 2: Identify and establish procedural changes that are required.

Change publications and functional diagrams in use nationally to make clear the role and requirements of codification.

Provide overview training for national forces and major national manufacturers to familiarize them with the structure and benefits of the NCS.  This training will be very important to win a broad-based acceptance and understanding of the system.  This training may be provided either by national representatives or with the assistance of a NATO country.

Step 3: Determine Basic Infrastructure Development & Milestones

For smaller countries or for any country looking for an inexpensive way to begin usage of the NCS, consider participating in the BASELOG program.  BASELOG was established by NATO Allied Committee 135 (AC/135) and is coordinated by the NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency (NAMSA).  Under BASELOG, NAMSA or a NATO country can: provide consultation, training, and other support. Under BASELOG, countries may even perform codification processing for participating countries and help them establish a codification

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