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Avoid operating on excessively steep hills and especially on hills that are steeper than 15 degrees. Avoid crossing slopes if possible and don’t make sharp uphill steering corrections or a rollover could result. If your vehicle starts to tip over on a slope turn the front wheels quickly down hill to regain stability and control. The best way to climb most hills is to drive straight up while maintaining a steady ground speed and constant engine rpm. The best way to descend most hills is straight down while using steady pressure on the brakes without locking them up. Locking up the brakes in a steep downhill situation can result in loss of traction, steering and control. When you must cross a slope on soft terrain, keep the front wheels turned slightly uphill and maintain a constant speed and a straight line of travel.


Driving too fast, being inattentive and turning too sharply on slippery surfaces can result in rollovers and accidents almost quicker than any other ground condition we know of. Snow cover, wet trails, loose gravel and frozen ground can all contribute to this dangerous condition. In these conditions maintain sharp focus on the trail ahead. Don’t make sharp turns and avoid the need for hard braking if at all possible. Slow down and stop If you do start to slide.


Avoid paved surfaces. Land Pride vehicles are designed exclusively for off-road use only. We understand that occasionally operators have to cross public roads or right of ways to gain access to work or recreation sites, but don’t get in the way of faster traffic and cross quickly and safely.


The Gondo is capable of crossing intermittent streams where the depth of the water briefly comes into contact with the bottom of the floorboards, but you must keep these considerations in mind; You must know how deep the water is and the strength of the current. Cross where you have a gradual incline for entry and exit and the bottom is fairly clean and free of obstacles. Maintain a slow steady speed disturbing the stream bed as little as possible. If you submerge the engine, you will lose forward momentum and power. If you submerge the engine or the whole vehicle, do not attempt to start the vehicle but take it to your nearest dealer immediately. After intermittent stream or shallow water crossings, dry out the brake linings by slightly accelerating the engine rpm while riding the brakes momentarily until full drive power and braking are restored.


Backing up in an off-road situation might seem a simple thing to do to a novice, but having to back down a hill is a very dangerous situation. If you are on level ground always look behind you and back up slowly. If you find yourself having to back down a hill, apply the brakes very lightly. Hard braking can cause total loss of control and a rollover situation. Try to back straight down the hill without turning. Turning in this situation can also cause a rollover.

Section 4: Operating Instructions

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    Whenever possible, park your vehicle on a level surface with the transmission in gear, set the park brake and remove the key. If you do have to park on a hillside make to sure chock the rear wheels on the downhill side to prevent a roll away. It’s a good idea to keep your spare key stashed separately.

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    Never operate a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol. When you’re driving off-road vehicles you need to keep your senses keen and capable of quick reaction, sharp perception and good balance.

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    Working or recreation in the deep wilderness or on the prairies can be personally rewarding and very enjoyable to those who truly love and understand nature and the outdoors. Good judgement, maturity, proper preparation and planning can turn these adventures into great experiences you’ll talk about for a lifetime. Share these adventures with young people whenever you can and show them how to do it properly. Don’t let anyone under 16 operate this vehicle. They just aren’t mature and experienced enough to take on the serious responsibility of operating a vehicle in the off-road environment without the benefit of an experienced adult with them. Remember, the only one who can prevent and avoid an accident is the operator in control and that’s you!


4400EX Heavy Duty Off Road Utility Vehicle 720-051M


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