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Section 6: Maintenance

Section 6: Maintenance

General Maintenance ! WARNING

Some repairs require the assistance of a trained service mechanic and should not be attempted by unskilled personnel. Consult your Land Pride dealer when assistance is needed.

Read and observe all safety warnings in this manual and in the engine service manual.


Except when checking or changing components, always keep protective shields on for safety as well as for cleanliness.


Keep engine clean of oil, grease, trash and debris which can cause engine overheating, fires and belt wear. Clean only after the engine has completely cooled. Wear gloves to protect hands from cuts, puncture wounds and burns.


DO NOT have engine running when servicing or making adjustments to the vehicle. Shut engine off, place transmission in gea , set park brake and remove ignition switch key for maximum safety.



Repairs or maintenance speci ically requiring engine power should be performed by trained personnel only. Transmission gear should be set in neutral with tires properly chocked or with drive tires properly supported off the loor. Enclosed areas should be properly ventilated to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.



Exercise extreme caution when working with and around the driveshaft and power steering belt. Make certain the engine cannot be accidentally started. Shut engine off and remove ignition switch key for maximum safety. Repairs or maintenance requiring engine power should be performed by trained personnel only.

Prepare Vehicle for Maintenance

Before servicing the vehicle the following procedure must be followed to secure the vehicle:

  • 1.

    Park vehicle on a level surface. Don’t work under or around a vehicle parked on a steep incline.

  • 2.

    Place gear selector in 1st or reverse.

  • 3.

    Set park brake.

  • 4.

    Turn ignition switch off and remove switch key.

  • 5.

    Block pinch point area at the center swivel yoke to prevent movement. (See DANGER below.)

  • 6.

    Chock front and back side of the wheels not being raised off the ground whenever jacking a vehicle or when ground surface slopes.

  • 7.

    Always use jack stands to support the vehicle when working under the vehicle.



Pivoting about the center swivel yoke must be blocked to prevent movement before working on or around the vehicle. This articulation area is an extremely dangerous pinch point area caused by just a slight turning of the steering wheel even when the vehicle is not running.

Torque Values Wheel Lug Nuts


Particular attention must be given to tightening the wheel lug nuts. Failure to correctly torque these items may result in the loss of a wheel, which can cause personal injury and damage to the vehicle.

Regular maintenance is the best prevention for costly downtime or expensive, premature repair. The following pages contain suggested maintenance information and schedules which the operator should follow on a routine basis.

Torque Values

Wheel lug nuts

FT -lbs.

65 - 75


88.14 - 101.7

Remain alert for unusual noises, they could be signaling a problem. Visually inspect the vehicle for any abnormal wear or damage. A good time to detect potential problems is while performing scheduled maintenance service. Correcting the problem as quickly as possible is the best insurance.

Always check wheel lug nut torque values two hours after initial operation and two hours after each tire repair and/or replacement. Routinely check lug nut torque valves every 100 hours of operation. See "Maintenance Schedule" on page 30.


4400EX Heavy Duty Off Road Utility Vehicle 720-051M


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