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Probable Causes Clutch switch is improperly adjusted.

Suggested Remedies

Adjust clutch switch to be engaged with clutch fully down.

Gas tank is empty. Spark Plug wiring is defective. Ignition switch is defective. Battery is worn out or defective. Crankshaft is broke. Clutch is not fully depressed. Clutch plate does not release. Shift linkage is out of adjustment. Synchronizer is defective. Transmission jumps out of gear.

Refill gas tank. Replace spark plug wiring. Replace ignition switch. Replace battery Replace broken crankshaft. Fully depress clutch. Adjust clutch linkage Adjust shift linkage. Replace synchronizer.

With gear shift in neutral, adjust shifter link at transmission to be in neutral position.

Park brake cable is broken. Park brake cable is jammed with debris. Park brake is out of adjustment.

Replace park brake cable. Clean debris from park brake cable.

Adjust knob on end of park brake lever clockwise to tighten brake tension and counterclockwise to loosen brake tension.

Battery power is low.

Recharge battery. Clean and tighten battery connections.

Battery connections are loose or corroded.

Battery is worn out or defective. Harness connections are loose. Harness pin connections are bent. Harness is defective. Ignition switch is defective. Starter is defective. Engine oil is too heavy.

Replace battery. Reconnect harness connections. Straighten harness pins. Replace harness. Replace ignition switch. Replace starter. Replace with SAE 10W30 oil.

Section 11: Troubleshooting

Symptoms Engine starts in gear

Engine stops running

Gear Shift is malfunctioning

Park brake doesn’t work

Starter cranks slowly

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4400EX Heavy Duty Off Road Utility Vehicle 720-051M


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