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Section 2: Important Safety Information

Safe Operating Procedures

The safe operation of any machinery is a big concern to all consumers. Your Gondo has been designed with many built-in safety features. However, no one should operate this vehicle before carefully reading this Operator’s Manual. Also read all instructions noted on the safety decals.

Do not wear clothing or other articles that hangs loosely. Hanging clothing, long hair, jewelry etc. can catch in the tires and other rotating objects.

Keep hands, feet, long hair, clothing and jewelry away from moving parts and obvious pinch points to avoid getting caught.

Some conditions may warrant extra safety gear to be worn such as safety helmets and/or goggles.


Most accidents with off road vehicles occur when traveling up, down, or across the face of a slope. Refer to operation instructions and safety video for proper operation procedures.

Be familiar with all functions of this vehicle.

Keep all bystanders away from this vehicle during operation.

Do not allow anyone to operate this vehicle who has not fully read and comprehended this manual and who has not been properly trained in the safe operation of this vehicle.

Do not operate a vehicle with damaged or defective parts. Repair all damages and defective parts before putting vehicle back in to service.

Keep hands, arms, feet and all bodily appendages safely inside the confines of the vehicle. Always be aware of and avoid tree limbs and brush that have a potential of hitting and/or poking individuals riding the vehicle. Serious body harm could result.

Make sure area behind cargo box is clear of personnel before operating the dump lever. Bodily harm can result from being pinched between the cargo box and another object or from a load dumping and/or rolling onto a bystander.

Do not touch engine, engine exhaust pipe and/or muffler while they are hot.

Use extreme caution when driving through dry grass, brush and other fire hazard materials. Never stop or park over combustible materials. Keep grass and brush from collecting on and around engine and muffler parts.

Do not allow anyone under 16 years of age to operate this vehicle.

Operator must always use both hands on the steering wheel.

Battery fumes are explosive. A spark will ignite battery fumes. Wear a face shield when charging or jumping a battery. Follow all battery safety rules outlined in this manual.

A rider may, without knowing it, place his foot on the accelerator pedal while bracing himself against a rough ride. This makes it impossible to slow down the vehicle until the passenger removes his foot from the pedal. Inform the passenger to keep his foot off the accelerator and always slow down before the ride gets rough.

Operator and passenger are responsible for deciding if their situation warrants using seat belts if so equipped.

Do not use cargo bed as an additional passenger carrier. Do not use cargo bed as a working platform.

The cargo power lift is designed to dump cargo only. Do not use it to lift other objects.

Always disconnect the negative battery terminal before making adjustments to the vehicle electrical system or welding on this vehicle.

Avoid battery acid spills. Do not get battery acid on eyes, face, or other body parts. Flush eyes and other body parts immediately with water for at least 15 minutes if battery acid has gotten on them.

Avoid pinch point hazards. Cargo bed, seat platform and vehicle center pivot steering hinge creating pinch points.

Do not stand, reach or allow any body part to enter between the cab and cargo bed (articulating area) while vehicle is running. This is an extremely high dangerous pinch point area caused from turning the steering wheel.

No riders allowed except in factory designed and supplied seating and no more than one person in a seat. Do not use cargo bed for carrying people. Maximum vehicle occupancy including driver is 2.

Always make certain the articulating area between the cab and cargo bed is clear of personnel before turning the steering wheel. The steering wheel will turn the vehicle at its articulation point whether the vehicle is running or not.

Operate vehicle from driver’s seat only. Do not leave vehicle unattended with engine running.

Do not operate this vehicle on highways, public roads, or where it may be a hazard to faster moving traffic.

Do not dismount a moving vehicle as serious injury or death could occur.

Always operate vehicle with all guards installed. Do not leave pulleys, belts and other rotating components exposed.

Wear snug-fitting clothing to avoid entanglement with moving parts.

Never attempt wheelies, jumps, or other stunts. Never drive recklessly. Always operate your vehicle at a safe speed that will allow you to maintain control.

Never modify any parts on the vehicle without authorization. Unauthorized modifications will void warranty to all parts directly and indirectly affected by the modification.


4400EX Heavy Duty Off Road Utility Vehicle 720-051M


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