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Tan Chin Hwee

Fund Manager, Apollo, Singapore

T an Chin Hwee has been a consistently profitable investor since 1995 through two crises and varied market conditions. He started out trading equities and fixed income, for Keppel Group and Development Bank of Singapore, each of which awarded him scholarships, for a bachelors degree in accountancy and MBA at Yale, respectively. At Amaranth he pioneered, public and private, structured deals in markets ranging from Pakistan to Indonesia. After Amaranth closed, Apollo asked Tan to set up an Asian office and launch a

structured finance fund. Tan has broad accountancy experience: he did forensic accounting for DeRosa during his MBA, and holds Australian and Singapore accountancy qualifications. Tan is also a CFA Charterholder, active member of the Singapore CFA society, and CFA lecturer. Multi-lingual Tan speaks numerous languages including intermediate level Indonesian Bahasu. He also advises the Singapore government on finance, trade and industry matters and is a 2010 World Economic Forum Young Global Leader.

Hyder Ahmad

Founder, Broad Peak, Singapore

B road Peak was the largest Asian launch of 2007 with $1 billion, a figure no new Asian fund has since matched. An estimated $700 million was said to have come from Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund, Temasek, and Broad Peak’s Singapore address is number three, Temasek Avenue. Ahmad had most recently been head of Goldman’s Asian proprietary trading operations with responsibility for risk arbitrage, having carried out a range of roles at Goldman across investment banking, capital markets and equity

trading. Reflecting the scope of Ahmad’s Goldman experience, Broad Peak has a broad mandate encompassing long/short equity, event oriented including mergers, distressed debt, capital structure arbitrage, convertible arbitrage, volatility trading and structured and private deals. Harvard MBA and Wharton economics graduate Ahmad started his career as a mergers and acquisitions analyst for Wasserstein Perella in New York. Assets in Broad Peak are now approaching $2 billion easily placing it among the ten largest Asian funds.

Nick Taylor

Founder, Senrigan Capital, Hong Kong

S enrigan’s 2009 launch was the largest in Asia since Broad Peak in 2007, thanks to partners’ capital plus a $150 million strategic investment from Blackstone. Taylor previously led Credit Suisse’s in house hedge fund team, Modal Capital, most of which briefly migrated to Citadel in 2008 prior to spinning out into Senrigan when Citadel withdrew from Asia. In addition to heading Modal globally, Taylor rose to be Head of Asian proprietary trading at CS. The team invests across the capital structure, primarily in public

equities and eschews activism. The four sub-strategies are corporate actions (including mergers and tender offers), Catalyst plus Value, Corporate Structure trades and Special Situations. As such Taylor takes a view pre- and post-events, and pays special attention to cultural, regulatory and legal frameworks in Asia. Unusually, Taylor studied philosophy at both Cambridge and Oxford - and taught it at the latter - before beginning a career in investment management doing merger arbitrage at Goldman Sachs in London.

Bing Wang

Founder, Nine Masts Capital Management, Hong Kong

B ing Wang ran Deutsche Bank’s Saba proprietary trading strategies group in Asia for a decade until it was shut at the end of 2008. His book, which peaked at around $1 billion is said to have been profitable for nine of those 10 years. He is now about to launch Nine Masts. This multi-strategy arbitrage fund invests across the whole spectrum of the corporate capital structure, in debt, equity and derivative instruments. The fund may go long or short of secured or unsecured, and senior or

subordinated, bonds or loans, as well as taking synthetic positions through credit default swaps and index products. It can trade common and preferred stocks, as well as the convertible and option related strategies that co- founder James Tu specialised in at erstwhile Hong Kong based multi-billion dollar multi-strategy fund DKR Oasis. Bing has also engaged former Deutsche colleague Ron Schachter. The name Nine Masts auspiciously harks back to treasure ships commanded by fifteenth century Chinese explorer Zheng.

Yang Liu

Chairman, Atlantis Investment Management, Hong Kong

C hinese national Yang Liu has more than 20 years of Chinese equities experience, and has been with Atlantis since 2002. Her performance has been well ahead of long only indices: the flagship Atlantis China fund is up 560% since inception against 345% for the MSCI China Free Index. She has access to all categories of Chinese stocks: mainland listed “A” shares in Shanghai and “B” shares in Shehnzen, as well as Hong Kong listed “H” shares and standard Hang Seng issues, not to mention

Singapore and US listed Chinese companies. In particular Liu seeks out so called P chips, where P stands for private as opposed to government ownership. Prior to Atlantis, Liu managed money for Citic, CMG and First State. Liu has responsibility over four China oriented equity funds, and specialises in identifying undervalued growth stocks, often in the small and mid cap arenas. All of these are UCITS III compliant. Liu studied at Beijing University and holds Australian securities designations.


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