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levels requires more field data and a complement of modelling approaches. Models of planktonic trophic webs explicitly considering prey quality effects (i.e. Mitra 2006) represent an interesting avenue in that

regard. In summary, suggested that strong

results presented here mixing events in shallow

ecosystems may impact on the assemblage structure and have delayed positive effects on phytoplankton growth, biomass levels and stratification on short time-scales (days). The extent to which such energy and matter is transferred up the food webs remains an open question that deserves further attention.

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Plymouth (44pp).




Aknowledgements This research was

funded by



Investigación, 97.112.041-6),

Universidad and a

de Concepción (P.I.



Akademischer Austauschdienst) scholarship to D. Calliari. T. Antezana, L. Mendez and J. Marileo (UdeC) provided valuable support during sampling. A. Pacheco helped with microplankton identification. T. Antezana, R. Quiñones (UdeC), L. Rodriguez and F. García (UdelaR) commented on earlier versions of this manuscript. Criticism by anonymous reviewers contributed to improve this paper and is sincerelly acknowledged.

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chemical simulated

and wind

biological and tidal

responses mixing

to in

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Pan-American Journal of Aquatic Sciences (2007) 2 (1): 13-22

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