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February Software Update 2011-1

Release Notes

Displays: GreenStar™ 3 2630 New Features

Video Inputs – One video input allows customers more visibility when operating machinery. The video feature is compatible with the NTSC camera signal. NTSC is the North American standard for all camera usage. See camera supplier for additional details. Cameras will be offered through John Deere Merchandise.

Access Manager – Access Manager allows customers to lock custom settings so operators cannot change settings in the field. Owners can choose which settings to lock and which to leave unlocked for the operators.

Standby Mode – Standby Mode allows customers to dim the display while transporting between fields. It eliminates a number of alarms that appear on the display while in transport. Select Menu to view the Standby soft key. Touch the screen to exit Standby Mode. The following tones and alerts will be disabled while in Standby Mode:

  • LCD backlight and Tracking Tones

  • Guidance (set to Ready-to-Enable)

  • GreenStar™ GPS warning messages

Field Locator Improvements – Field Locator now notifies operators when they have exited the field with the text on the map instead of an alarm. Field Locator alerts the operator of the field in which it detects the machine is operating, as well as other nearby fields. Touching the map screen when the Field Exit Detected message is present allows operators to search for a new field. With these improvements, Field Catalog is no longer needed since this is done automatically during startup.

Informational Items

Export Data – To minimize Export times, Export to the same Profile on the same USB stick each time. A Profile is a set of all the data and setup information in the display, similar to a Compact Flash Card for the GS2 2600. DO NOT Export to the same Profile from two different GS3 2630 displays; data will be overwritten. The list of data under Import Data (below) is also overwritten on the USB during Export.

Import Data – Importing new data onto the display will overwrite current field or machine specific data on the display. Overwritten data includes:

Apex™ Field- specific prescriptions Tank Mixes


  • Machine Offsets

Swath Control

Pro™ Maps

Guidance lines

  • Client Farm Field


Files that are not overwritten include documentation log files that are used in Apex™ to create colored maps as well as all documentation settings.

Erase Data – Delete data from the display by selecting the Memory Tab in GreenStar™. Two options for erasing data are available:

1) Erase All Data: Select this option when data is no longer needed on the display. For example: Clearing the compact flash card on a 2600.


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