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February Software Update 2011-1

Release Notes


Erase Documentation Data Only: Select this option when documentation data is no longer needed. For example: Clearing documentation data after planting or before harvest.

Remember to Export data before erasing data.

Saving Setup Data From Apex™ – Apex™ version 2.7 or newer is required to transfer data to the GS3 2630 from a different John Deere Display model (For example: GS2 1800 or GS2 2600).

User Guide – A User Guide is included with the display to assist the operator with common operations. See the Operator Manual for detailed product information.

Software Update for 2630 – Software Update 2011-1 does NOT contain a display software update for the GS3 2630. The available GS3 2630 software update bundle includes controller updates for the following controllers:

  • StarFire™ iTC

  • StarFire™ 3000

  • GreenStar™ Rate Controller

To update these controllers:

  • 1.

    Use GreenStar™ LiveUpdate to download and copy the GS3 2630 bundle to a USB drive

  • 2.

    Properly connect the GS3 2630 display to the controller

  • 3.

    Turn Power ON

  • 4.

    Insert the USB drive into the GS3 2630 display

  • 5.

    Wait a few seconds for the Software Update message to appear

  • 6.

    Accept the message

  • 7.

    Wait for the Update Complete message before removing power

The controller programming files are not copied to the GS3 2630 internal memory, so the USB drive is always required for updating controllers.

Note: Reprogramming controllers is not possible while importing data.

AccuDepthcontrollers – AccuDepth™ controllers will require the latest controller update to ensure compatibility with the GS3 2630.

GS3 2630 and Model Year 2010 CommandCenter™ – When using Multiple Displays, it is recommended to keep the Implement Bus checked ON when using the CommandCenter™. Another option is to uncheck GreenStar™ and Original GreenStar™ on the CommandCenter™ when Implement Bus is also unchecked on the GS3 2630.

Displays: GreenStar™ 2 2600 Resolved Items

Resolved Items – Some issues were discovered and have since been resolved for the GS2 2600 with this Software Update 2011-1. The items include:

  • AB Curves now regenerate after changing track spacing

  • Availability of the Direction Toggle button

  • Business Pack™ tank mix, fuel, and transport errors have been corrected

  • Variety Locator error messages have been resolved

  • Documentation recording handled differently for non-John Deere implements to ensure recording accuracy

  • Recording issues resolved on select 70 Series combines

  • Overlap Control recording issues resolved for legacy combines

  • Overlap Control now recognizes exterior boundaries when Headland Control had been previously enabled


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