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February Software Update 2011-1

Release Notes

  • Swath Control Pro™ issues resolved to restrict spraying to inside of a boundary

  • Turn-on and Turn-off times have been corrected for secondary operations

  • Touch screen test page bulls eye issue has been resolved

  • Touch screen test page updated to reflect more accurate soft key information

  • Task Controller updated for DICKEY-john®

Informational Items

Reminder Subject: Gaps in Apex™ Maps and Changing Implement Width – To ensure some overlap for tillage or spraying, account for GPS drift, or if crop conditions while harvesting require an overlap of the header to cleanly harvest the field, the operator MUST use the Track Spacing setting to change track spacing and not change Implement Width to achieve the desired overlap. Changing the Implement Width to achieve a resulting change of Track Spacing will result in maps that have gaps when the data is unloaded into Apex™.

It is understood that prior to Overlap Control being implemented in Software Update SU09-2, July 2009, changing implement width to change track spacing was being performed by some operators with little impact to their data. Overlap Control now requires that only the Track Spacing setting is used to change Track Spacing.

Displays: GreenStar™ 2 1800 Resolved Items

Resolved Items – Some issues were discovered and have since been resolved for the GS2 1800 with this Software Update 2011-1. The items include:

  • AB Curves now regenerate after changing track spacing

Receivers: StarFire™ 3000 New Features

GLONASS Measurements Integrated into SF1/SF2 Corrections – This feature will mitigate interruption of guidance and documentation applications during periods of low satellite visibility or solar storm events.

Resolved Items

Antenna Height Offset Between SF3000 and Previous Generation Receivers – The StarFire™ 3000 now automatically corrects for the difference in antenna height. NOTE: If an offset was manually entered previously, that offset must be removed after updating to SU11-1.

Quick Survey Base Station Moved Error – The StarFire™ 3000 will correctly display an error warning only when power is cycled AND the base station moves more than 20 meters from its previous position.

Receivers: StarFire™ iTC Resolved Items

StarFire™ iTC Rovers Communicate Continuously with StarFire™ 3000 Base Stations StarFire™ iTC vehicle receivers can now communicate continuously with any generation receiver on a base station. Previously there was an intermittent communication.


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