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February Software Update 2011-1

Release Notes

Guidance: iSteer™, iGrade™, AutoTrac™, AutoTrac™ Universal New Features

Direction Toggle Soft Key is Now Available in Additional Locations – Additional home screen setup options for the Direction Toggle soft key are available in Layout Manager. The Direction Toggle soft key is now located on its own ¼ page and on the AutoTrac™ Universal settings ½ page in the encoder section.

Both iSteer™ and iGrade™ Run on Application Controller – (iSteer™ applies to AU, NZ, NA) The new Application Controller allows customers to run both iSteer™™ and iGrade™™ on one controller. Current iSteer™ customers can add iGrade™ to the iSteer™ controller with the purchase of an iGrade™ activation. iSteer™ and iGrade™ activations are sold separately. Note: After updating with SU11-1, the iSteer™ icon will change from an image of an axle to an image of a controller with the caption “Application Controller”.

iSteer™: Additional Tracking Modes and Receiver Offset – (iSteer™ applies to AU, NZ, NA) In addition to Straight Tracking Mode, iSteer™ offers the following features:

  • Curve Tracking Mode: Allows operation on curves

  • Circle Tracking Mode: Allows operation on pivots

  • Following Mode: Allows the implement to follow the driven tractor path

  • Electronic Implement Receiver Offset: Allows lateral offsets to be entered for the implement


Resolved Items

Resolved Items – Some issues were discovered and have since been resolved for Guidance with this Software Update 2011-1. The items include:

  • AB Curves now regenerate after changing track spacing: Correct track spacing is displayed when an operator sets AB Curves with a track spacing and then later changes the track spacing for another implement width.

  • iGrade™ SCC codes 523785.04 and 523786.04 have been resolved with this controller software update.

Informational Items

Language Downloads for Application Controller on Stellar Support – (iSteer™ applies to AU, NZ, NA) Language downloads for the Application Controller will be available on Stellar Support under the Downloads/Updates tab. Select the GreenStar™ 2 System 2100/2600 Update. The language download link with directions will be on the right hand side of the web page under the download link for the display software. Available languages will be French, Italian, Spanish, and Dutch. Note: When changing from one language to another, the memory device used for the download will need to be inserted into the display and the preferred language can then be selected.

Crop Solutions: GreenStar™ Rate Controller (Does Not Affect Europe) New Features

Rate Selection Buttons in More Locations – In addition to the current locations, the rate selection buttons are now located on one of the ¼ and soft key layout manager selections. This change provides additional convenience for making rate adjustments.


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