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February Software Update 2011-1

Release Notes

Fence Row Nozzle Independence from Outer Section – Fence row nozzles now operate independently from the end sections. As an example if you choose to spray the field boundary in a half folded configuration, you can choose to plumb and operate the fence row nozzles manually using a switchbox or enabling/disabling the fence row nozzles from the GreenStar™ Rate Controller screens.

Pressure Sensor Calibration is now allowed with Known mV/psi – Pressure sensor calibration can be performed the current way or now if you know the mV/psi, you can calibrate using this number. This change will allow more accuracy when calibrating electronic pressure readout on the display over basing the pressure calibration on the analog gauge or if you do not have an analog gauge installed. Check sensor manufacturer’s specifications to ensure the correct voltage is supplied for the mV/psi valve to work correctly (Example: Most Raven sensors need 12V supply for the given

mV/psi valve to work). Ability to Monitor a 2nd

Pressure Sensor – Due to the increase in sections being added to

implements, a second pressure sensor can now be monitored with the GreenStar™ Rate Controller.

Added Compatibility of Hiniker 2-wire Servo Valve – Compatibility of the Hiniker 2-wire servo valve has been added to the GreenStar™ Rate Controller. If using this configuration, it is recommended to start with a cal factor of 433.

Anhydrous Tank Remaining Now Displayed in Lbs N, Lbs NH3, in Addition to % Remaining The operator can now choose what value to display to show the remaining product left. Pounds of N, pounds or NH3, or percent remaining can now be chosen to display.

Master Switch Indicator on More Home Pages – Master switch indicator has now been added to 2 out of 3 half pages in addition to the current location. This change will make monitoring of the master switch easier in more home page configurations.

Ability to Disable One GRC in a Multi Product Situation – A checkbox is now available to disable one GreenStar™ Rate Controller when you transition from a multi product application to a single product application.

Resolved Items

Implement Height Switch Warning Removed when Using Liquid Fertilizer – When using liquid fertilizer the implement height switch is an optional attachment, however previously a warning would be displayed that should only have been activated when applying NH3. This nuisance warning with applying liquid fertilizer has been removed.

Names Added to Low Memory Popup – Previously when the GreenStar™ Rate Controller memory was near full, an alarm popup instructed the operator to remove an implement. Now the names to implements are added to the popup making removal easier.

Machine Width and Section Width Setup Value – Previously it was only possible to enter a machine/implement width down to the tenth value. Now it is possible to enter these values to the hundredth value to provide additional accuracy.

Fence Row Nozzles Now Activate During the Section Test – To keep consistency between tests, fence row nozzles now come on during the section test. Previously the fence row nozzles only came on during the nozzle check test.


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