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February Software Update 2011-1

Release Notes

Crop Solutions: Swath Control Pro™ (Section Control) Resolved Items

Resolved Items – Some issues were discovered and have since been resolved for Swath Control Pro™ with this Software Update 2011-1. The items include:

  • Swath Control Pro™ issues resolved to restrict spraying to inside of a boundary: Swath Control Pro™ will turn on and off based on the settings within setup. In the previous version of software, Swath Control Pro™ could turn on briefly outside of boundaries if the operator created the boundary while driving counter-clockwise with Swath Control Pro™ turned on. SU11-1 resolves this issue.

  • Turn-on and Turn-off times have been corrected for secondary operations: In the previous version of software, if Swath Control Pro™ was used with multiple operations, the turn off time incorrectly used the turn on time for secondary operations. SU11-1 resolves this issue.

Known Issues

Swath Control Pro™ Secondary Operation Sections Commanded To “Off” – If using Swath Control Pro™ with multiple operations at once and a Client, Farm, and Field is not selected, Swath Control Pro™ will only work correctly for one of the operations. Selecting a Client, Farm, and Field will correct the issue. This issue will only affect customers operating a GreenStar™ Rate Controller.

Swath Control Pro™ Background Map Resets - If the operator sets the background map to aerial or variety, then navigates to the Swath Map View, they will see Operation 0/x (x-number of operations). As soon as the operator presses the Operation Toggle Button once to navigate away from the 0/x, the background will either set to Rx if in use or to “-----“ if no Rx is in use. The issue will only occur on the Swath Control Pro™ Map View page and the Swath Control Pro™ homepages.

Operation Toggle Button

Swath Control Pro™ Turn off time working incorrectly for Secondary Operations (GS3 2630) – If using Swath Control Pro™ with multiple operations, the turn off time will not work properly for secondary operations. The turn off time will actually be using the turn on time. For example if the time are setup as turn on time = 3 seconds and turn off time = 2 seconds, the turn off time will be using the 2 seconds for the primary operation and 3 seconds for all secondary operations.

Memory Usage Percentage Will Not Update From 0% (GS2 1800 Only) - When viewing the Swath Control Pro™ diagnostics page on the GS2 1800 GreenStar™ Display, the memory usage percentage will not update from 0%.


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