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The transistors drawn are BC548B and BC557B, but you can also use 2N2222 and 2N2907 type transistors or similar small signal types. The resistors are all 1/4W types (1/8W is okay too). C1 and C2 are a ceramic capacitor. C3 is a 15uF/16V electronic capacitor. Use it only if you use a Mercedes CDI Pierburg MAF. The capacitor filters the signal which may prevent problems during idle with EGR action. Total cost of parts will only be a few dollar.

By the way: the circuit is not intended to be used with a Pierburg TDI MAF (A3 hot wire MAF). I don't know how a failing A3 MAF behaves, so the booster circuit may not help in that situation.

If you like to use it, make sure you place it in a water tight housing. Otherwise corrosion will occur. A 35mm film container will do. Stick the wires through small holes and seal it with silicon.

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You are free to use the information presented here. I do not ask any money for it, but also do not accept any liability. You are not allowed to sell the schematics or printed circuit boards with a profit. If you find the circuit valuable and are going to use it, I would be happy to hear your experience with it.

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