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------------------------------------------------------------------------ January 18, 1985


Bulletin No:

Solid State Dip Meter


Oscillator Dead

On the oscil collector an transistors transistors had a date c checked. Fi transistors. ------------

HD-1250 Solid State

lator board, check Q11 [PN 417-290] for short between d transistor case. The metal case on the #417-290 should be isolated from the collector. Defective found in Parts Replacement stock and kits in finished goods ode of 413. Heath Parts Replacement stock has been 100% nished goods will be inserted with good #417-290

------------------------------------------------------------ February 8, 1985 Bulletin No: HD-1250-5 Dip Meter

Unit Oscillates Without Coil Installed

The circuitr a full-scale a ferrite be

y of Q21 self-oscillates when no coil is installed, causing deflection of the meter. To correct this problem, install ad [PN 475-15] on the G1 lead of Q21.

The next pro 591-4661].



duction of kits will have the ferrite bead and insert [PN Present stock of kits will not be inserted. ------------------------------------------------------------


Solid State

Dip Meter

July 31, 1987 Bulletin No: HD-1250-6

5 pF, 500 Volt Capacitor [PN 21-157] NLA

The 5 pF, 50 vendors. C1 ------------

  • 0

    volt capacitor at C13 is no longer available from our

3 is changed to a 5 pF, 50 volt capacitor [PN 21-7621-05]. ------------------------------------------------------------

HD-1250 Solid State

Dip Meter

November 28, 1988 Bulletin No: HD-1250-7

On/Off Pushbutton Knob Change

Purchasing can no longer buy the original pushbutton knob. changed:

The knob is

From a [PN 462-1047] knob to a [PN 462-1303] knob. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thats everything I show up to 1989 that covers the HD-1250. Enjoy! ------------------------------------------------------------------------

April 17, 1975

HD-1410 Electronic Keyer

Bulletin No: HD-1410-1

Modifications For Use With Ten-Tec, Triton And Rigs With Similar Keying Requirements

It has been found that the Ten-Tec Argonaut and Triton keying circuits require that the key-line be brought to within a few tenths of a volt of ground to operate properly, Either of the following modifications to the HD-1410 will allow it to be used with the above units:

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