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HD-15 Phone Patch

Bulletin No: HD-15-1

Service Notes

The major complaint circuits. This res attempting VOX oper tried, but this usu gain in the transmi determined to be op of the advantage of is being said, and talking at the same

is not enough isolation between transmit and receive ults in cycling between transmit and receive when ation. Replacing the hybrid transformer could be ally does not cure the problem. Sometimes the VOX tter is adjusted too high. When the unit is erating satisfactorily, try to convince the customer

push-to-talk operation. "You have control over what you will also prevent both parties from doubling, or


The VU meter indica Customers seem to t is being fed from t In the case of the satisfactory operat -------------------

tes only signal from the receiver into the patch. hink that the VU meter should indicte when a signal he phone line into the phone patch. This is not so. HM-15, a -10 VU level appeared to be giving ion. -----------------------------------------------------

HD-15 Phone Patch

January 23, 1978 Bulletin No: HD-15-2

Phone Patch/Bell System Interface

The HD-15 Phone Patch is not registered with the FCC for use directly with telephone lines. The Bell System will require a special line couple, model QKT, for connection to their lines. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thats everything I show up to 1989 that covers the HD-15. Enjoy! ------------------------------------------------------------------------

August 10, 1973


Bulletin No:

Crystal Calibrator


Battery Shorting To Case

In some of the older HD-20 calibrators, there is a possiblitity of the battery sliding in its clamp, shorting to the case. This can be eliminated by installing insulator paper [PN 75-93] on the inside of the case, directly off each end of the battery. [2 required]. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thats everything I show up to 1989 that covers the HD-20 Crystal Calibrator. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 73 de Joe W7LPF/4 [NNN0KUU] QWCA - SOWP - NCVA - FISTS - RCC Gordonsville, Va 22942 [Orange Co]

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