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dad, grandfather, and uncle built me a VW beetle out of sand complete with a sand steering wheel, and coke can headlights.

Here are some other favorite childhood summer memories from some of the AMPs board members:

  • Jennifer Howie: Picking strawberries with my grandma, making jam and swimming in the pool when we were done.

  • Steve Beamer: Going to the beach or pool and chasing girls. If you think about it, I still do that but now these girls have to come home with me.

  • Shannon Burke: With an August birthday, I never got to bring cupcakes to school, but birthday parties at the pool made up for it!

  • Laura Weaver: After a long hot day, piling in the car to head out to the lake to swim, watch the sunset, walk the beach and have a picnic.

  • Russell McKinnon: Boating and water skiing during the summer on Cape Cod.

  • Alisha Waid: My great-Aunt Susie still lives in the old farm house where she and my grandmother were born in the Northern Neck of Virginia. My grandparents and cousins all had homes on the family’s farm land, too, so I spent every childhood summer running through the cornfields from house to house, picking and eating strawberries right from the garden, and swinging from barn rafters into the hay. On really hot days, Aunt Susie would bring out the ice cream churners. There’s nothing better than eating homemade ice cream off of the paddle!

We’ve had a great year and we look forward to closing it with our annual Summer BBQ at Fort Hunt Park. It’s a great time to network with other industry groups, let your hair down, and just have fun with all your friends. I hope to see you there! Have a great summer!

Cameron Curtis, CMM

AMPs Newsletter • 4

  • June 2011

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