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NMC Bulletin November 2009

District 8 Report From Tuffy Afleck

Well show season is here and I sure do enjoy geng together with all my friends that this great hobby has given me.


Here in the 8th we are ready for our show, we had our annual picnic/y

bird gathering at the home of Jeff+Julie Sayles , a BIG thankyou to them for the hospitality. It was very nice to see some of our friends there that can no longer keep birds due to thier health or age(Harold Forter, George Lloyd and Conrad Spect) but can't get the "modena bug"

out of thier system. Also BIG John Tiseo from Michigan was there if you don't know John is a BIG help to us by

picking up our judges in Detroit and geng

to and from

the show safelyusually standing in as our steward for the weekend and keeping our show running smooothly. I've had the pleasure to judge with him as my Steward and he's 1 of the best in the NMC at keeping birds up there for you. I Highly Recomend him!! Back to the show We discussed the upcoming show along with awards, door prizes ect.. We are very fortunate to have Mr. Bob Gathright coming to do the judging for us. The dates are Nov2728+29 in Woodstock Ontario. The show is held in conjuncon with a Large allbreed show in a nice hall with decent ligh ng. As many of you know Our GREAT friend Bernard Raby has decided to take a breather from the birds, I say this because hopefully he'll be back someday. We will miss him dearly he has been a very good friend to me over the

years, always sending Christmas cards, le

ers, emails and

phone calls to check on my li le family. He has also been very responsible for the 8th district running smoothly over the years not only by serving the NMC also the QMC + a member of our OMC ‐‐he is of

great help when it comes to translang

of our country's 2

main languages, of course I mean French to English. The countless people he has helped and started into the hobby is very impressive to say the least. I have asked Raymond Julien to submit a story about his achievements in Quebec. Don"Tuffy"Affleck 8th District Director

Publicity Director Report From Don Kerns

Show season is here and there are a few things I would like to add to your to do list: Pictures – Wendy, (our great bullen editor) needs pictures of winning birds and people at our shows for the bullen. District Directors and Show organizers, please designate a couple of people who you know can use a camera and give them the job of providing some pictures. Photographers, please ask for some help to pose the birds and try to avoid the show cage wires in front of the bird. Share your areas birds and events with the rest of the club and hopefully the other guys will do the same. Show Reports –Last years show reports showed the complete scale of great, to well lets say, not so great. In an effort to make the reports uniform and consistent to read and not take up so much space in the bullen (your clubs money) and not make someone else fix your report and…, please follow the established standard Show Report rules. I do have a template that I will send to you or you can email me with quesons, or just email me and tell me to get lost.

Na onal – I hope and encourage you to include the Salt Lake City Na onal on your list of shows you have to make. There will be added acvi es including: Seminars, dancing girls or give me some of your suggeson on what you would like to parcipate in at the Na onal. I may be calling you for a bird donaon or asking you to parcipate in a seminar. This is you warning, so be prepared. If you would like to put up some money for specials at the Na onal, please send the money to Chip Cheech and we will get the list of specials in the next bullen. Have a great Show season. I hope you all win big and don’t forget to have a good me.



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