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NMC Bulletin November 2009

Guest Editor Report from Jacki Loomis

As I’ve been assembling this material for the bulle n, the words to the Byrd’s classic folk ballad have been playing in my head. For everything (Turn, Turn, Turn) There is a season (Turn, Turn, Turn) And a me for every purpose under heaven. I’l bet many of you remember these words, A me to be born. A me to die. The song speaks of transi ons and change.

Transi ons seems to be the theme of this issue. We remember our friends, Virginia DeLong and Russell Sapp, this issue is dedicated to their memory. I’m transi oning as your new Guest Editor, Wendy will be away from this post as she recovers from recent health issues.

Your officers and directors are considering delivering this bulle n in an electronic format as well as the tradi onal printed format. Again with the transi ons! This issue will be posted on the club’s web site, take a look at it there, you can elect to receive your bulle n electronically by indica ng on the membership form. This issue was laid out and copied in a single page format to work well on home printers, this is not intended to establish a precedent, your directors will make future decisions on the copy style. See it at www.na onalmodenaclub.com.

On the membership form you’ll find the rates for placing ads in the upcoming Yearbook. Our working deadline for ad submissions will be February 21st, that gives us around 3 weeks aer the Na onal. I hope you’ll want to par cipate in this publica on. This book tells our Modena story, it is a testament to the changes the people and breed have gone through since our beginning in 1936. If you have ques ons or need help contact me, your officers and directors, or one of our volunteers: in the East Don VanCampen, Lee Steuer & Reese Johnson, Midwest Ed Loomis, and in the West your publicity director Don Kerns. They will help you get your ad or material submi ed. I’ll be glad to layout your ads if you send me the material. If wri ng an ar cle feels too big, why don’t you send me some pictures to include for you. Everyone enjoys seeing pictures of birds, los and You and then someday in the future a member will pick up that old 2010 Yearbook and think about all of the changes there have been in our club and great breed, the Modena! Chip Creech will accept ad payments, see the membership form for rates.

When you next hear from me we will have crowned a new Na onal Best Modena. A new season, a new champion. Good luck to everyone and I wish you a happy and blessed holiday season.

Jacki Loomis 1501 West Burnham Street, Lincoln, NE 68522 Phone 4026106228 cell, 4024235355 home loomis@loomisfarm.net

Member News

Welcome New Member Shane Plummer 1790 FM Road 2871 Fort Worth, TX 76126

Gloria Heath 21 Craftsman Lane Merimack, NH 30354 603-883-8034 glo_pigeons@myfairpoint.net

David Birdsell & Kimberly Birdsell (Junior Member) 14235 Pine St. Hudson, FL 34667 727-359-1687 birdsell007@yahoo.com

Member Email/Phone Changes Dave Cooke’s new email: cookesmodenas@ mchsi.com Lester Whitley’s new email and phone: whitlesone@yahoo.com (254) 644-6151

Member Address Changes Angle Kevin 1996 Locust Road Spring Grove, PA 17362

Jim Hampton PO Box 3704 Quartzsite, AZ 85359

Member Letters

Due to the fact we moved over 240 miles from Granite Falls WA. To Lewiston ID. My 2009 season with my birds was prac cally non existent. I wasn’t able to a end any shows With moving, hauling, pain ng, and all the things that go with the move. I was very discouraged about keeping or raising modenas. Seemed like they were more of a pain than anything. Then one day I got a call from non other than Mr. Dennis Weyrauch. Dennis and his wife was up visi ng his son about 40 miles away and said he would like to drive up to visit and look at my birds. I was very excited to have him come and visit. I had talked to him several mes at the shows in California and Arizona. He was gracious enough to give me encouraging words on some of my birds to spark my enthusiasm again. A er some hard thinking what to do I got out all my birds put them in the show coops we had and culled very hard. I went from 4050 black schei s to 3 pair and a couple extras. My gazzis had dwindled to 2 blues ,34 bronze tris and one black that came from 2 black schei s. I had 2 blue schei s that Dennis liked and several bronze and bronze indigos that I decided to keep. Now I had a plan for 2010. Build a new lo in Idaho and some breeding coop boxes to bring the birds south to Arizona with me. I designed some boxes that were 32” long 24” wide and about 18” tall to hold a pair of modenas. I will build 6 to 8 of them for traveling. At home I plan to build a lo about 10’x 12’ depending what the building codes are. I no ced some of my neighbors had horses so I asked about having pigeons. They said if I could keep them 3 years with out a complaint they will grandfather them in. good news for me. Also pigeon and dove enthusiast Cleve Po er and family live about 30 miles north from me. He had a back yard pot luck show for pigeons and doves last June and plans to have one in 2010. So all in all I am looking forward to the new year and show season. Jim Hampton


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