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NMC Bulletin November 2009

Eastern Vice President’s Report From Richard Haas

I first met Russ Sapp over Forty Years ago.

It was a sad day for me hearing of his passing. Russ has done it all, Master Breeder, Hall of Fame, Naonal Champions, Past N.P.A President and Past N.M.C. President. Russ was also the Band Distributor for the N.M.C. for many years. Russ and his wife Mary hosted the Atlan c Modena Summer Show and Mee ng at their home for many years. It was a annual event I always looked forward to. He had a beau ful lo landscaped with beauful flowers. Seeing all of the Blue Gazzi and

Red Sche

was a sight to behold. Russ always found a way to

contribute to the Atlan

c Modena Club and the Philadelphia

South Jersey Club where he served as Secretary for many years.

Russ will be missed by all of us.

I had the pleasure of a ending both the Eastern and Central Young Bird Shows. The Eastern Young Bird Show was judged by Mark Kisamore. Mark did a nice job judging the 175 entry's. Reese Johnson and Don VanCampen both put a lot of effort into this show. The overall quality was very good and all in a endance had a nice me. The Central Young Bird Show was judged by Don VanCampen. Don had a real nice group of birds in his parade of colors. It was nice to visit with old friends and also meet some new ones.

Steve and Linda Sho , my Dad and I drove to Richmond for the Second District Show. Dalton Miller and Chip Creech did a fine job with this show. It was also nice to see our Junior Director Lee Steuer in a endance. Don Affleck had a real nice group of birds to judge. Don is always a pleasure to be around. He also came up with some real fine Modena's in the final judging.

The Eastern Regional Show was also a nice show. Patrick Bakx did the judging honors and passed judgement on the 275 entry's. At the Show the Atlanc Modena Club presented some nice awards. Reese Johnson received the A.M.C. Outstanding Service Award and Dave Jackson received the A.M.C. Breeder of the Year Award for their efforts last year.

We always have members that work hard at the shows

carrying birds, keeping the books and stewarding birds. Seng and tearing down the shows is also a lot of work. We are very


fortunate that everyone usually finds a way to help. Being a Show

Secretary is also a very me consuming task. Thanks to all of that help, we all know who you are.

Best wishes for Wendy Morin who is dealing with some health issues. Also good luck to Steve Sho who will have surgery in January. And to Francis S dfole who also is dealing with some health problems.

Western Vice President’s Report From Jerry Burgr

Hello Modena Friends, Breeding season, same old story, different year, slow start. Things did pick up when I was able to open up the pigeon house and let some fresh air in. I did have be er luck with my reds and yellows, than with my pa ern birds. The only thing different was the music, the pa ern secon listened to country western, reds and yellows classic rock, long live rock!!!!??? Besides Modenas, I also, have Birmingham rollers. I try to keep 3 kits. The other night, while flying a kit of 12, my phone rang, Miss Carol had chores she wanted done, being the good husband that I am, ha ha, I said sure. The kit was down, 6 in box, 6 on landing pad, and not interested in trapping in. I le the door to the trap open and le for the evening. Next morning, I go out to do pigeon chores, I exit my truck and hear commo on going on in kit box, open door and here is a sharp shinned hawk having his way with my li le buddies. I ran for my 22 rifle and Mr. hawk got away. Now I figure the air space over my spot is my air space, so I need a air defense system, so now I'm protected by Jerry's air defense12 gauge for short.

Most people in the Modena hobby are right handed, am I right, well, of course, I'm right. So you work with your Modenas with your right hand, Now you go to a pigeon show and you have a le handed judge, what a way to mess up your show team. My point is, we be er use our le hand at home ali le, too. The only good thing about a le y is pitching; a baseball. One other thing, have you ever sat next to a le y at dinner, what a mess!!!!! let's lighten up and have fun at the show. Be Safe. Jerry Burgr

Secretary/Treasurer/Band Distributor Report from Chip Creech

I have nothing to report at this me………..we sll have a VERY few bands le for 2010. If you sll have not ordered yours………this is perhaps your last opportunity to do so. Chip Creech, Sec/Treas/Band Dist.


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