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NMC Bulletin November 2009

District 1 Report From Richie Werner

District 2 Report

from Dalton Miller Hi Modena friends from the Second District. Well our season is just about over again, we enjoyed the show in Kentucky, and the 2nd District Show in Chesterfield Va. It was good to see our good friends at these two shows. Ed Loomis had a good win with his Bronze Schie , and

Jerry had a birds. Sco

nice Gazzi in Brown had

Kentucky, these were two nice two nice birds in the 2nd District

also. Tuffy did a good job for us judging the 2nd District Show. I would ask him back to judge again in the future. Tuffy also won the 8th District Show with a nice White, that was a good win Tuffy. I want to thank those

that showed with the 2nd District and I want to thank Don VanCampen, and Kevin Angle for helping


our judge to the show. If they had not went out of their way to pick him up and take him back to the airport, I

could not have pulled that did. Guys like this is why I

show off as well as we have been in Modenas



as I have and Chip Creech I can't say enough about Chip. He and I travel together some and we get along fine and thank him for what he does for the NMC. Thanks to all the guys that come to our shows. I have mated all my birds up but a few, I am looking forward to this coming year and I hope everyone has a good year. I want to thank Jerry for being our president this year and wish him well. I know we all thank Jacki Loomis for taking on the bullen at this me, and I hear













Also we want the bullen, I

to thank Wendy for the me she put into know she had a lot on her with being sick

and all and we have been much in prayer her a speedy recovery. Thanks so much. a good Christmas and happy Holidays!

for her and wish Everyone have

District 3 Report From Wendell Conger

Well the show in LV is over and I think every one enjoyed it. I would like to thank the ones that helped in any way. I will not menon names as I might miss some one but you know who you are. THANK YOU!

A er every thing was paid for we gave the

NMC the money that was leover. donated really pulled us through.

The birds that were With the approval of

our President I awarded the Hall of Fame Award to Mike

Walter and John Tiseo at this show as I was told they would not be at the Nao nal. Both of these members are worthy of this award. I am also working with Rita Courtney on the contracts for the shows to come. Hoping every one a MERRY CHRISTMAS! WENDELL CONGER

District 4 Report From Carlyle Perry

Well, fall is upon us and we are enjoy some beauful weather! October in Minnesota was extremely wet and cold, so this late summer blast in November is very much appreciated by the farmers and us bird people. Trying to clean and keep birds healthy in October was a full me job.

The Northland Modena Club had their lawn show in September, a very nice showing of young Modenas. The Southern Minnesota Pigeon Club had their show in October, several breeds show, with a great turn out of Modenas.

Jim Abel, a long me Modena and King breeder,

has sold all his birds. We really hated to see him rere, but he gracefully donated his building in Kasson, Minnesota for the Northland Modena Club young bird show for future years. We would like to thank Jim for

this wonderful giand

for all the help over the


Best of Luck to you Jim.

As many of you know, the Fourth District Modena Show will be held in Des Moines, Iowa on December 12, 2009. We couldn't have asked for a nicer venue. If you haven't been to this show, why not plan on making it this year.

Just a reminder, the Naonal will be in January of 2010 in Salt Lake City, Utah. I am hoping to a end, at least for now! Well I hope to meet up with some of you in Iowa, Wisconsin or maybe Salt Lake. That's all from Minnesota! Carlyle Perry


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