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NMC Bulletin November 2009

District 5 Report from Cletus

Thompson The 5th District had 2 very good show’s this year. The first was the

5th District show in Bonham Texas on Oct31st. We had entry’s from Louisiana , Arizona, Oklahoma and Texas. There was 307 birds entered with Bob Gathright winning best Schie and Rex Arnold with best Gazzi . I would like to thank everyone that helped with this show. Without the help of JoAnn Taylor and Lyda Kasselman I would have been lost. They did a great job with the books for both show’s . The Central Regional show was held in Sllwater OK, on Nov14th . We had 390 Modenas entered . We had members from Az, Ok, KS, TX, IO, MD, Al, and NB. Max Josey had best Gazzi and Rex Arnold had best Schie . Ed Kasselman and Brad Wilcox did a great job judging these two shows for use. The compe on was some of the toughest I have seen . I would like to thank everyone that entered birds in these two show’s for all there help and support to make them a success. Now it’s me to start the breeding season and try to raise some beer Modena’s for next year. Hope to see all of you at a show

District 6 Report

From Jim Sallee This is theme of year we all look forward to when you can start to see the bo om of the lo floor for a few hours before it gets covered with feathers again. Even some of the birds are star ng to show a li le promise. We set our NMC Western Young Bird Show a li le later this year so we would all have a few birds to show. November the 7th should be a lot be er than October the 3rd would have been as that was our old date for the show. At least we will have a few that are smooth enough for a show. We will head to Fresno to show with the Calvacade of Pigeons and look forward to a nice week end. Norm Macler will judge for us

NMC and PMC members should be receiving a catalouge from the Los Angelos Pigeon Club for our NMC Regional meet on November the 19th, 20th and 21st. If you do not receive one, let me know and we will get you fixed up. Jan Heldal will be the judge for this event. This meet will be held in

conjuc on with the Pageant of Pigeons in San Bernardino. This is a great

place to show your other breeds as this show offers some of the best


in the West.

The 6th District meet will be in Camp Verde, AZ on December the 5th. I s ll do not have all of the details, but we will certainly have them by the next bulle n.

A thank you to Rick Barker for the nice ar cle on the passing of Virginia DeLong. Virginia was probably the strangest person I have ever known, but she did love those pigeons and at one me was able to produce some nice ones. Don Kerns has agreed to pass some of her birds around. Most are quite old, but there are some stock birds there, if someone wants to spend


on them.


Modena Club plans to put up

Don for informa on on them. The Pacific a traveling trophy in her memory for Best

soon .

Cletus Thompson

Dilute at our Jim Sallee











District 7 Report From Jim Collins First I would like to thank Jacki Loomis for stepping up to do the Bullen for Wendy while she gets her health back. Our prays go out to Wendy for a quick recovery.

We had our 7th district show in conjuncon with Columbia Basin Pigeon Club all breed show in Kennewick WA. On Oct 24 & 24. The numbers were down from last year with 80 birds. I want to thank Steve Beier for stepping up and doing the paper work, I came with the flu 2 days before our show and it lasted for 11 days. Steve thanks again, you did a great job.

The champion modena went to John Augsburger with a very nice white oc # 456 schie

, best gazzi went

to Burk Kleiber with a bronze tri

oh #137

and champion jr went to Roman Kleiber with a black schie

  • #



There seems to be some interest in modenas with four new people starng I will talk to them about joining the NMC.

in to modenas in Washington

Not much going on in the 7th district since the shows are over here. C & W Los will be mang up their pairs in December. Good luck to next years Breeding .

Have a Happy Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas to all


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