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SecuritiesCorporationHome Equity Lam Trust, commenced the instant mortgage fobrecIosure actio 2,2007. After serviceof said summonsand comp answer, except for Defendant Marie HdI who interp the instant summary judgment motionand order of re oppositionto the instant motion, the clerk ofthe The originallender of the subjec?December 17,2005 (hereinafter“OptionOne”). In supportof piahtiff s a the mortgage from Option One ta plaintiK The in pertinent part “Effective Date: March28,200 the mortgage is insufficientto establish p!aintiFs o commenced. See Counhywide Hame Lo~mshc. v.


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    m and complaint on April

ants and their failure to appearor May 15,2007, plaintiff made

. m e r defendants’failurnto appear in

e c a e “mbmifid,settle on natjce.’’ is Option One Mortgage Corporation ,it submitsa purported assignment of

an attempt to mactively assjp ip interestat the time the action was r, I7 Misc3d 595 (Sup. Ct. SuffolkCo.

2007). Plaintifrs attempt to forecloseupon a m was without foundationin law or fact...” Katz v. See US.Bank Nut. Ass’n v. Merino,l6 Misc3d “foreclosureof a mortgage may not be brought AD2d 537,538 (2d Dept 1998). See RCR Serv had no “legal or equitableinterest .,249 AD2d 243 ( 1 st Dept 1998). lk Co. 2007). Moreover, it....” Kluge v. Fugazy, 145 Co.,229 AD2d 379 (2d Dept 1 9 9 6 ) . F i n a l l y , p l a i n t i f f s s t a n d i n g t o b r i n g t h e w i t h i n a c o n g o e s t o t h e b a s i s o f a c o u r t s a u t h o r i t y t o a d j u d i c a t e a d i s p u t e . S e e S t a r k v . G o l d b e r g , 2 9 7 A D 2 d 2 3 ( l s t D e p t 2 0 0 2 ) ( w h e r e i n t h e c o u r t h e l d t h a t s u a s p o n t e d i s m i s s a l o f t h e a c t i o n w a s w a r r a n t e d d e s i t e t h e l a c k o f a n y a s s e r t i o n b y d e f e n d a n t s o f I an objection to plaintiffs’standing). I n v i e w o f t h e f o r e g o i n g , t h e C o u r t f i n d s t h a t p l a i n u f f h a d n o s t a n d i n g t o c o m m e n c e t h i s a c t i o n . Plaintiffs motion for summaryjudgment and order of reference is hereby denied and its complaintis hereby dismissed sua sponte. I

The foregoingshall constitutethe Decisionand Order of the Court.


bCfP&LD SCOTT KURT2 Justice, Supreme Court

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