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Push-to-talk (PTT) is an always on communications service that provides wireless users with a valuable and virtually instantaneous method of connecting to other users – with just the push of a button. PTT is a new class of telephony service that meets different needs than standard voice telephony. As a supplement to traditional voice telephony, PTT services have proven to increase an operator’s average revenue per user (ARPU) and reduce subscriber churn (switching from one service provider to another.)

QUALCOMM’s QChat™ is a PTT communications technology for 3G CDMA networks. It uses no proprietary hardware and can run on any CDMA 1x packet data with dormancy network. QChat is a Voice-over-IP (“VoIP”) PTT application that enables instant, one-to-one and one-to-many half-duplex communication.

The PTT Market and Nextel

In the United States, Nextel has been very successful offering PTT services. Nextel’s PTT solution, called Direct Connect®, is based on iDEN®, a proprietary adaptation of the GSM MAP core and Motorola’s Dispatch Application. Nextel’s Direct Connect PTT service offering accounts for more than 75 percent of Nextel's total calls. Nonetheless, Nextel’s telephone usage today exceeds 600 minutes of use (“MOU”) per month per user. The fact that Nextel’s MOU equals the industry average indicates that the addition of PTT services will not reduce an operator’s telephony revenues. Due largely to Direct Connect, Nextel has performance numbers that are the envy of its competitors:

  • Low churn rate of two percent

  • Industry-leading ARPU of $70/month

What is QChat?

QChat is the best performing and most cost-effective next-generation PTT service in the world.


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