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Ask Dr. Sig

Dear Dr. Sig, Why is it so dif icult to ind a list of providers that are covered by our insurance?

It’s really not that difficult with MissionOnDemand (MOD). Use the drop down quick links to Human Resources, click on Benefits, then on Health and Dental plan. On the right side under “In this Section” you will see Provider Directory - Health Plan.

Or, you can simply type Provider Directory into the search engine and hit go. It’s the first page that pops up.

Dear Dr. Sig,

We work in an area where the construction noise is unreal. I am sure that the workers are wearing ear protection, but what about passing it out to us so we don’t have a headache from having to listen to this noise every day? It is causing quite a few headaches in our department.What can we do besides checking into the ED for headache pills?

  • Got Headaches

Dear Got Headaches,

I know it’s a pain and I don’t have an easy solution for you. Building and renovations, jackhammers and drills are a way of life around here. I know that in at least one instance, the noise was halted because it was detrimental to the state of a young patient, but that doesn’t occur often.

Maybe the key is to hope they finish fast so they can move on to another area.Then the noise can be someone else’s headache!

Dear Dr. Sig,

Today we received the revised Tobacco-Free Environment Administrative Policy #200.012. I support the purpose of the policy. I am not a smoker and have been annoyed with staff taking “smoke” breaks in the past. However, the policy did not address exempt employees and how they will be held accountable for smoking on breaks. In my area, only the exempt staff take “smoke breaks.” Shouldn’t the exempt staff follow the same policy as non-exempt?

Breaks are considered paid time for both exempt and non-exempt employees, so no one will be allowed to smoke during break time under the revised policy.

Dear Dr. Sig,

I wanted to send out a huge THANK YOU to Jackie. She works in house- keeping on the third shift in the St. Joseph ED. All I can say is that I love her! She always comes in with a positive attitude. She is a hard worker and is always helpful. She is awesome! We tell her all the time, but we want everyone else to know as well.

  • Grateful

Dear Dr. Sig,

When is something going to be done about employees parking on the top deck, right outside the entrance to St. Joseph? If you park there waiting for a friend who gets off at either 7 a.m. or 7 p.m., you can see all the employees both coming and going who park there. Some hide their badges while others are brazen and show their badges. Shouldn’t these places be reserved for visi- tors that really need them?

I wasn’t aware this was a problem, but now everyone knows.Yes, I agree with you. Our staff has designated parking and to come to work and park all day in a space designated for the convenience of our visitors does not demonstrate MERIT.

Dr. Sig,

I don’t complain much, but I have read these comments for years about how important some jobs are and the certi ication it takes for these jobs. I work in Facility Services and our craftsworkers are certi ied in their jobs as well as others, but we seem to get treated as though we don’t exist. I wish someone would appreciate what we do as well as others. I’m tired of hearing about oth- ers and Maintenance and Housekeeping are never mentioned.

  • Bored of Hearing of Everyone Else

Maybe the reason you don’t hear about Maintenance and Housekeeping is that you complain so little and quietly complete your job without fanfare. Please know that I appreciate you and so do all the oth-

8 • Scope • April 18, 2008

ers who call in a panic when something is going wrong.We do appreciate you and all that you do to keep our plant running smoothly.

Dear Dr. Sig,

Can you tell me the reasoning behind the Express Shuttle taking Biltmore Ave? It takes twice as long and seems to me that the liability would be greater than just staying on hospital property and taking the bridge. How does this make sense?

Actually, the normal route for the Express Shuttle IS the MAHEC bridge, although we have received a few complaints about the speed bumps on the bridge.The shuttle drivers may decide to utilize Biltmore especially if MAHEC is having a function and the bridge is congested.

Dear Dr. Sig,

I have called the HR Reception desk many times and my call was auto- matically directed to an answering machine where I have left a couple of mes- sages and was never called back. I do not understand why the Receptionist at the HR desk does not pick up the phone. Is this not in the job description? It is very frustrating to call HR so many times and never get a live person to talk to.

  • Frustrated!

Dear Frustrated,

Sorry that you experienced frustration when trying to reach the HR Receptionist. HR receives a very large number of calls every day and is currently working on a phone system that will provide better customer service. Until very recently, if the receptionist was on the line with a caller and someone else called at the same time, they were directed to the voice mail. With the new system the receptionist will be able to answer more than one line at a time. It is standard procedure in HR to return all calls by the next business day. If you left a message and your call was not returned, please let Lori Halula in HR know.

A Dr. Sig MERIT Extra Mile Award

Children’s Dental recently had a patient that has cerebral palsy and was being treated by doctors in Atlanta for a brain tumor.The physicians in Atlanta requested that this patient have dental treatment prior to sur- gery in May to help lessen the chance of infection.

One Call Scheduling was willing to call physicians who normally have block surgery time to see if they were willing to give up their time in order to expedite this patient. Dr. Pamela Branning was willing to move her patients scheduled on the Memorial Campus to the St. Joseph Campus so that we could do the case at Memorial. Jan Rayfield rearranged her rooms to accomodate the move. Dr. Mauterer’s office was also willing to yield their block time. Dr. Katherine Jowers was willing to change her day off so she could treat this patient, Interpreter Services was willing to make an exception and interpret for us in the OR while we are using another interpreter at the Reuters building for pre-ops, and our scheduling staff worked hard to find the OR time to get this patient in as soon as we could.

These efforts represent the MERIT value of Teamwork!

Visit the Dr. Sig Forum from the MOD Main Page. From there, you can simply click and send a com- ment to Dr. Sig.All letters are confidential.

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