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Market-oriented ICT group. These represent the firm’s web presence, displaying the goods and the company information on the world wide web. Some web sites might have e-commerce functionality, such as offering the ability to place orders. This relates to the marketing aspect of the business.

The world wide web can be a powerful platform for expanding and reaching new markets. It gives the SME access to 24 hours of trading, borderless market space, and leverage to compete against big companies on the same platform.

So by positioning the SME within an appropriate grouping, the owner or owner-manager can change the SME’s business process.

In an attempt to establish the adoption status of ICT by SMEs in South Africa, it is crucial to understand the focus area or viewpoints that authors on this topic have been taking.

      • 3.2.2

        Adoption perspectives of ICT Authors on the topic of adoption of ICT hold three viewpoints, which are: the technology perspective; management and organisation of technology perspective; and small firm and ICT perspective. According to Southern and Tilley (2001), the first two have dominated the field of enquiry.

        • Technology perspective. This perspective examines ICT adoption from the technology point of view. The focus is mainly on technology aspects like the Internet or e-mail technology, without looking at how the business can use this technology to be successful. The focus is thus only on the success of the technology driving the business.

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