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On the other hand, Fink and Kenny (2003) caution against the belief that the digital divide is widening between the developed and the developing countries, because the increase in network development in developing countries is growing at a faster rate than in the developed countries. They argue that the way the division is measured needs to be reviewed. This means that the drivers of ICT should be considered carefully, as many governments’ drives for the adoption of ICT are based on this assumption.

      • 3.4.1

        What are the drivers of ICT adoption in South Africa? The drivers of adoption of ICT by SMEs are global trends, governments, innovation, flexibility and competitive advantage. These drivers are some of those that have been highlighted by different authors as the main drivers that are pushing SMEs to adopt ICT. The major trends of globalisation are leading many governments around the world, especially in Europe and the developing countries, including Africa (Dixon et al.,

    • 2002)

      . The South African government is aware of the changes that are occurring in the economy and have put ICT adoption policies in place. This should encourage innovation in the development of products and services by SMEs, giving them the ability to compete with bigger companies and international SMEs and companies.



The world is inter-connected and businesses serve a global customer base; this means customers can buy goods/services anywhere in the globe, country or province. ICT technologies such as Internet, intranet, world wide web, wide area networks (WAN) and local area network (LAN) are making it possible for anyone anywhere to communicate, opening up new markets. The world has become one big marketplace with no borders. Moodley (2002:31) emphasises the fact that ICT is an “integral part of the accelerating pace of globalisation”.

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