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random decision making with regards to ICT as a problem that needs to be addressed in order to give SMEs competitive capability.

5.3 Current state of ICT within the SMEs

The interviews show that in the SMEs involved in the study, some basic technologies such as telephones, fax machines and standalone computers are already implemented for some sections of the business. This finding agrees with the literature that more than 50% of South African SMEs have a computer and telephone (fixed or mobile). This means that the basic technologies are in place but Internet connectivity and mobile technologies still need to be increased. The SMEs recognise that technology is an important part of their clients’ lives, which means that it becomes important for their businesses too. All the interviewed SMEs say that their businesses are impacted by ICT in some way.

The findings also confirm the fact that current technology implementation is not planned but random. All the interviewed SMEs admit that they did not have a plan in place when they introduced the current technologies into their businesses. Hence they have only basic technologies. According to Jackson (2007), SMEs that use emerging technologies such as VoIP and mobile technologies are significantly ahead of others. Jackson (2007:10) also confirms that implementing ICT technologies tends to make a company more competitive.

Recommendations There are lots of technologies that SMEs can exploit: Goldstuck of World Wide Worx (Jackson, 2007) highlights the use of connectivity, mobility and emerging technologies such as VoIP to leverage a business. Having a computer is not good enough; connecting it to the Internet can bring an SME closer to its clients and suppliers. This can reduce turnaround times and provide a delivery platform for goods and services. Today almost

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